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The Institute for Information Technology Applications (IITA), located at the Air Force Academy, offers grants to researchers from all disciplines to conduct research in leading edge information technologies. The IITA is interested in matching Air Force Reserve expertise with project requirements to complement IITA's active duty research initiatives. 

If you feel you have a unique idea that leverages an IT solution, please contact Lt Col Freddie Rodriguez to discuss a pre-proposal to determine whether to allocate resources to pursue an official proposal submission Research opportunities are open to all categories of reservists.  The IITA has a limited Man-Day budget to support research and travel. Estimated Man-Day requirements should be included in the budget section of the proposal. 

Note:  As of 1 Oct 10, MPA Days for IITA projects are very limited; however, we still desire to hear ideas should MPA days become available in the future.   To share your ideas or to get further information, please contact Lt Col Rodriguez, Director of Reserve Research at IITA. 

FY10 AF Reserve Projects: Air Force Reserves Shield

AIT and Satellite Tracking of Air Dropped Cargo
Leadership and Management Training  
  Effectiveness:   A Meta-Analysis

Reservist Publications:

Digital Pens: Rewriting History
The Electronic Flight Bag: Tools for the Modern Cockpit
AF Digital Technical Orders: Technologies and Applications for the Future

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