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Project:  Joint Installation Command and Control Laboratory (JIP4C)


The purpose of this project is to research and design a Command and Control Laboratory that simulates a Joint Air Operations Center (JAOC). This laboratory is intended to expose USAFA cadets to this foundational weapon system while applying JAOC doctrine, organization, and processes to case studies to familiarize them with actual threat environments and expand their cognitive abilities to prevail.  To help create a near real-world environment, we intend to create an AOC/JAOC simulating an operational AOC through emulating hardware, software, processes, education and training; all at the appropriate security level.  The education and training participants includes Military Strategic Studies (MSS) majors, USAFA cadets taking MSS core course(s), and any other USAFA departments desiring to participate.  Additionally, this laboratory is intended to provide a venue for operationally relevant and intellectually rigorous cadet and faculty research.


This proposal represents the first phase of the C2 Laboratory process.  The primary use of the requested funding would be used to visit AOC education and training centers of excellence (AOC FTU at Hurlburt Field, FL; Air University and the Air Force Wargaming Institute at Maxwell AFB, AL; and AFRL at Mesa, AZ).  The team will survey existing hardware, software, processes, and curriculum/wargames in use.  Taking lessons learned from these environments, we intend to design an appropriate USAFA environment for undergraduate education, focusing upon required physical space requirements, best software applications, Local Area Network (LAN), Non-Secure Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNET), and Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNET) for implementation.

 Project Advisor:  Lt Col Charles Gaona

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