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Writing Center Mission:

To provide training and resources to enhance the writing skills of the Academy community

Staffed by a dedicated team of volunteer faculty members, The Writing Center provides services and resources that support writing in all disciplines and the teaching of writing on the Academy campus. It is an open resource center where all members of the Academy community can come to get assistance in every stage of the writing process, to talk about writing and other literacy skills in a supportive environment, and to use a range of print, audio-visual and computer resources.
Based on the premise that anyone-regardless of writing experience-can learn to write clear, concise, vibrant prose, the goal of The Writing Center is not only to produce better writing, but also to develop better writers. Consequently, we encourage clients to focus on writing as both process and product . We also help clients develop successful writing strategies by emphasizing the three key components of effective writing: Content, Organization, and Style.
In addition to one-on-one tutoring , The Writing Center offers individual and group consultations ; writing workshops and seminars; and assistance with basic writing skills (prewriting, generating a thesis statement, developing a draft, etc.); and special writing projects (articles, resumes, letters of recommendation, etc.). We also offer a comprehensive Writer's Resource Library featuring over $1,000 worth of new books and writers' magazines; audio and video tapes; handouts and writing exercises; and a collection of reference works including dictionaries, thesauri, handbooks, and style guides.
Through our monthly faculty development workshops featuring speakers from various disciplines, The Writing Center has evolved into a viable, dynamic forum for Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) by serving as the hub for programs and services that focus on writing and effective communication such as the Prep School, the Center for Educational Excellence, and the Executive Writing Program. Designed to engage participants in informal "conversations on writing," the workshops address issues integral to evaluating writing, enhancing creativity, and identifying criteria for effective writing across disciplines. Past workshops have addressed topics such as "Style and Creativity," "Working with Developmental Writers," and "Working with International Cadets."
To acquaint new tutors with our collaborative approach to the tutoring process, The Writing Center offers periodic tutor training sessions . In addition, all tutors receive a copy of the Tutor's Toolkit , a binder packed with materials such as departmental guidelines for writing assignments; a glossary of key terms and concepts used in various academic disciplines; sample papers, forms, and syllabi; lists of handouts, exercises, and resource materials available in The Writing Center; guidelines for evaluating student writing; and current articles on writing and editing, innovative approaches to the teaching of writing, and other writing-related issues.


To develop better writers, one tutorial at a time, by focusing on writing as both process and product


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