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In today's "Information Age", the amount of reading we are expected to cover and retain can be overwhelming.  This is especially true in the critical transition from high school to college-college students are often expected to read over 100 pages of academic text per night . The level of difficulty of this reading is much higher, also-even  avid readers are challenged by specialized texts and unfamiliar lexicon. 

Successful college reading requires specialized techniques not often taught in high school.  Reading instructors at the USAF Academy have developed a course that allows students to read more efficiently with higher levels of comprehension and recall.  In our half-semester course-offered four times a year-students read a variety of texts and passages to actively improve their reading skills.  Results are dramatic:  in the last five years, students (on average) have increased their reading rate 300-350% while achieving a comprehension level of 90% or higher.  Students also improve their vocabulary skills, reviewing a plethora of new terms and techniques that help them become better life-long readers. 
The Reading Enhancement Course provides an opportunity for future leaders of the Air Force to become more efficient readers.  Reading is a life-long skill that affects many areas of our lives, reflected in our motto that says "Readers are Leaders."  Come join us today!

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Each class of readers is unique, but some of the more common topics we cover in this class are:
  • Using a Pacer
  • Clustering Words
  • Barriers to Faster Reading
  • Previewing
  • Improving Recall
  • Comprehension Strategies
  • Concept Mapping
  • Cognitive Assessments
  • Traits of Good Readers
  • Reading Flexibility
  • Skimming & Scanning

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