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The Dean of the Faculty's Academic Working Group (AWG) is a group headed by the Dean of the Faculty, attended by the Registrar and Director of Academic Affairs, the Academic Affairs Staff Officers, and composed of cadets from the Cadet Wing. The cadet membership includes the Wing Academic Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO), each of the Cadet Group Academic NCOs, each Class President, the Wing Honor Chair and Deputy, and other cadets as appropriate. One of the Academic Affairs Staff Officers from the Office of the Registrar serves as the action officer who plans and coordinates all meetings.
The group meets monthly to discuss academic issues of concern that have been elevated to the Dean or the Cadet Wing. Prior to major decisions affecting the Cadet Wing being decided by the Academy Board or other bodies of leadership, the Dean may request input from the Cadet Wing through the members of the AWG to ensure she makes an informed decision. If members of the Cadet Wing have questions about policies or practices or if they have suggestions for improvement on the academic side of the house, this is where they should voice those questions. The Cadet Wing should raise academic questions through their squadron or group academic point of contact who, in turn, will forward them to the Wing Academic NCO who will ask the issue be placed on the next monthly meeting's agenda. This flow of communication is intended to work in both directions. In this way, this group helps to dispel rumors, resolve problems, improve processes, and facilitate accomplishing our USAFA mission of educating, training, and inspiring men and women to become officers of character, motivated to lead the United States Air Force in service to our nation.
"Man's flight through life is sustained by the power of his knowledge."


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