Philosophy 310, Ethics


You will meet the overall objective of Philosophy 310 if you demonstrate that you can reason competently about moral issues facing Air Force officers.  More specificically, in order to meet course requirements, by the end of the course cadets will:
1. Understand the need for ethical reflection in the military
2. Demonstrate skills in critical reasoning such as clarification of terms, identification of underlying assumptions and the dialectical treatment of alternatives
3. Demonstrate skill in the reading, interpretation, and application of classics of moral philosophy
4. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of different accounts of moral character and of different approaches to ethical decision making, especially
  a. Deontological Theory
  b. Consequential Theory
  c. Virtue Theory
  d. Social Contract Theory
5. Frame and resolve moral problems in the profession of arms concerning:
  a. When is it morally justified to use military force?
  b. What are the moral limitations on how military force is used?
  c. What are the moral obligations of the military leader?
  d. What kind of person, morally speaking, must the military leader be? 

This course is a unique and important part of your education here at the Academy. More than in any other class, you will be required to think for yourself. And what you will be thinking about is the most important thing any of us can address: how we ought to live. Nothing is more vital to your education as a future Air Force officer.

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