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The Eisenhower Center for Space and Defense Studies works to establish new educational opportunities for cadets in space policy, integrate existing space programs across the Academy, foster a national dialogue on space issues among all sectors of the space community, create an intellectual foundation for national space policy, and develop successive generations of Air Force officers with a vocation for space. 

The Center is named in honor of President Dwight D. Eisenhower,the first American president to establish a national policy shaping US engagement in space for both military and peaceful purposes and remains the benchmark against which all successive policies are measured.  President Eisenhower oversaw the creation of both the National Reconnaissance Office and NASA, laying the foundation for the manned space program, the use of space to bolster national security, and the infrastructure which led to revolutions in battle management and global communications.  He also oversaw the establishment of the Air Force Academy itself.  As the epitome of the soldier-statesman, his leadership shaped American defense policy during the critical days of the early Cold War, meeting the global military challenge of Soviet Communism in a way that neither bankrupted America financially, nor placed undue strain on its democratic institutions.  The Eisenhower Center embodies these essential aspects of President Eisenhower's character and seeks to continue them through educational programs in space and defense studies, bringing together Academy cadets and faculty with leaders and scholars from across the nation and the world.

The Eisenhower Center is honored to have Mr. Peter B. Teets as its Distinguished Chairman.

Under the leadership of its director, Ambassador Roger G. Harrison, the Allan & Malcolm Lockheed and Glenn L. Martin Professor in Space and Defense Studies, the Eisenhower Center is involved in the following programs:

  • Establishing the Brent Scowcroft Professorship in National Security Studies

  • Organizing the annual Summer Space Seminar, bringing cadets from the Air Force, Naval, and Military Academies together with civilians students for a two-week program studying all aspects of space policy

  • Supporting new opportunities for internships and research by cadets and faculty on issues of interest to national leaders

  • Publishing its textbook, Space Defense Policy
  • Publication of a semi-annual journal, Space and Defense

  • Sponsoring annual workshops on space policy topics including:

    • China, Strategy and Space
    • Space Situational Awareness
    • Transatlantic Space Cooperation
    • Hosting the annual National Forum on space policy




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