Boston College , Chestnut Hill , MA ; Ph.D., Political Science, 1998
Oxford University , Pembroke College , U.K. ; M. Stud., Theology, 1993
Oxford University , Pembroke College , U.K. ; M.A. Oxon., Politics & Philosophy, 1991

Middlebury College , Middlebury , VT ; B.A., Political Science, 1989

The Cloaking of Power: Montesquieu, Blackstone, and the Rise of Judicial Activism, University of Chicago Press 2003 (reviews include Harvard Law Rev., Choice, American Lawyer, J. of American History, Law & Social Inquiry)

Co-editor, with Robert Faulkner, John Marshall’s The Life of George Washington: Special Edition for Schools, Liberty Fund, 2000

American Power and the Legacy of Washington: Enduring Principles for Foreign and Security Policy, in Bolt et. al., eds., American Defense Policy, 8th ed (Johns Hopkins), forthcoming 2005

The Machiavellian Spirit of Montesquieu's Liberal Republic, forthcoming in Rahe, ed., Machiavelli's Republican Legacy (Cambridge University Press, 2005)

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Judicial Statesmanship, the Jurisprudence of Individualism, and Tocqueville’s Common Law Spirit, The Review of Politics 60 (1998): 465-95

Ancient, medieval, and modern political philosophy and jurisprudence
Contemporary political theory and jurisprudence
The American founding and American political thought
American constitutional law and the judiciary
Statesmanship and leadership; political philosophy and international relations
Shakespeare and politics, literature and politics, ethics and politics

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