Previous Eaker Lectures


1. (1979)    The Present State of the World, by Dr. Joseph M. Luns, Secretary General, NATO.
2. (1980)     Choices for the 1980s, by Dr. William W. Kaufmann, Professor of Political Science, M.I.T.
3. (1981)     The Strategic Balance and Strategic Realities in the 1980s, by Mr. Richard R. Burt, Director, Bureau of Politico Military Affairs, Department of State (Delivered by Mr. Robert Blackwill).
4. (1982)     Vietnam Revisited, by General T. Ross Milton, USAF, Retired, Former U.S. Representative to the NATO Military Committee.
5. (1983)     Defense Challenges of the 1980s, by General David C. Jones, USAF, Retired, Former Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff.
6. (1984)     Foreign Policy, Military Strategy, and Defense Management, by Lieutenant General Brent C. Scowcroft, USAF, Retired, Chairman, President's Commission on Strategic Forces.
7. (1985)     Reflections on US-Soviet Relations, by Michael H. Armacost, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs.
8. (1986)     Joint Service: Plans and Operations, by General Paul F. Gorman, USA, Former Commander in Chief, Southern Command.
9. (1987)     Policy Implications of the President's Strategic Defense Initiative on National Strategy: Two Perspectives, by Lieutenant General James A. Abrahamson, USAF, Director, Strategic Defense Initiative Organization and Mr. William E. Colby, Former Director, Central Intelligence Agency.
10. (1988)   The North Atlantic Treaty Organization: Challenges for the Future, by General Bernard W. Rogers, USA, Retired, Former Supreme Allied Commander, Europe.
11. (1989)   National Security Policy: Challenges for the 1990s and Beyond,” by General Robert T. Herres, USAF, Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff.
12. (1990)   Managing a Changing Air Force: Perspectives of Its Former Secretaries, by Former Secretaries of the Air Force Edward C. Aldridge, Jr.; Verne Orr; and Hans M. Mark.
13. (1991)   The Gulf War and Afterward, by Caspar W. Weinberger, Former Secretary of Defense.
14. (1992)   Space And The Warfighter, by General Donald J. Kutyna, Commander in Chief, U.S. Space Command.
15. (1993)   The Challenges to National Security and the Role of the Military in the New World Order, by General David C. Jones, USAF, Retired, Former Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff; General Robert T. Herres, USAF, Retired, Former Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff; and Generals Lew Allen and Larry D. Welch, both USAF, Retired and Former Air Force Chiefs of Staff.
16. (1994)   Peacekeeping, Peacemaking, and Peace-Enforcement, by Ambassador Rodger G. Harrison, Retired, Former Ambassador to Jordan; General James P. McCarthy, USAF, Retired, Olin Professor of National Security and Defense Studies and Former Deputy Commander in Chief, European Command; Brigadier General Ian C. Douglas, Canadian Forces, Retired, Senior Advisor to the Special Representative to the Secretary General for Liberia; and Colonel Harry G. Summers, Jr., USA, Retired, a syndicated columnist for the Los Angeles Times and holder of the Marine Corps University's Brigadier General H.L. Oppenheimer Chair of Warfighting Strategy.
17. (1995)   Airpower in a New World, by General Ronald R. Fogleman, USAF, Air Force Chief of Staff.
18. (1996)   Sustaining Flight Through the Power of Knowledge, by Dr. Paul G. Kaminski, Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Technology.
19. (1997)   Defense Strategy in the Post-Cold War Era, by Dr. William J. Perry, Former Secretary of Defense.
20. (1998)   America's Security Challenges ... Our Defense Posture General John M. Shalikashvili, 13th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
21. (1999)   Educating the National Security Professional for the Next Millennium,” by the Honorable Ike Skelton, U.S. Representative, Fourth Congressional District, Missouri.
22. (2000)   Civil-Military Relations in America, by General Charles Boyd, USAF, Retired; Lieutenant General Brent Scowcroft, USAF, Retired; Professor Ole Holsti; Professor Mackubin Owens.
23. (2001)   Visions of the 21st Century and Beyond, by Peter Schwartz, Chairman Global Business Network.
24. (2002) National Missile Defense Changing Technology and Global Security, by Lt
Gen Ronald T. Kadish, Director of Missile Defense Agency.
25. (2003) The New American Way of War, by Gen Richard B. Myers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
26.  (2004) The Development of the Professional Officer in the Twenty First Century, by Eliot A. Cohen, Professor of Strategic Studies John Hopkins University.
27. (2005) The Role of the Military as an Instrument of Power in the Twenty-First Century, The Honorable James A. Baker, III.




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