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Department of Physics

Cadet Research Program

The primary purpose of the cadet research program is to enhance the cadet educational experience through real-life, hands-on research projects. These projects are assigned (Physics 499 or Meteorology 499) course credit and usually take the form of one-on-one semester-long interactions with a guiding faculty member. Many students tackle original research topics while others choose to revisit more familiar topics but from a new perspective or with a new computational tool. Our goal is to provide the cadets with experiences in exploration and creative thinking. Of the ten to twelve students who enroll each year in our independent study courses, more than half publish articles or present their results at regional or national meetings.

A select group of physics majors, usually six to eight cadets, have the opportunity to participate in the Cadet Summer Research Program (CSRP) at Air Force laboratories or the national laboratories at Los Alamos, NM or Lawrence Livermore, CA. This program gives cadets the opportunity to experience a true laboratory environment and to determine if the challenge of the physics career field is compatible with their interests.

Research and Publications

Recent cadet research topics include General Reletivity, Aurora Phenomenon, Solar Wind, Sunspots, Atmospheric Satellite Drag, Lasers and Cosmology.

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