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The OR major is one of a few inter-disciplinary majors at USAFA. Four departments—Computer Science, Economics and Geosciences, Management, and Mathematical Sciences—teach courses in support of the OR major such as Computer Simulation (CS 362), Microeconomic Theory (OR 332), Operations Research Capstone (OR 421/422), and Probabilistic Models (OR312).


The most up-to-date information on classes will be in the Curriculum Handbook which is kept on the Registrar's website. Refer to the Operations Research section of the Curriculum Handbook for further information on the Operations Research major.

Many people find that a double major of OR and Math or Econ works very well since there are so many overlapping courses. Your academic advisor can help you tailor your course load to accommodate this.

Fourth Class Cadets. If you're declaring OR as a Fourth Class Cadet, the pressing matters are that you get Math 243 on your schedule for Fall your second year, and Comp Sci 211Z/212 and OR 310Z in the Spring of your second year.

Some of the classes that you will take:
  • Comp Sci 211Z/212 Intro to Programming for Operation Research Scientists
  • Comp Sci 362 Computer Simulation
  • Ops Rsch 330 Microeconomic Theory I
  • Econ 333 Microeconomic Theory II
  • Econ 465 Introduction to Econometrics
  • Econ 466 Forecasting and Model Building
  • Math 243 (or Math 253) Calculus III (or Advanced Placed Calculus III)
  • Math 344 Matrices and Differential Equations
  • Math 377 Applied Probability and Statistics (substitutes for Math 300)
  • Math 378 Advanced Probability and Statistics
  • Ops Rsch 310Z Systems Analysis (substitutes for Systems Option)
  • Ops Rsch 311 Topics in Mathematical Programming
  • Ops Rsch 312 Probabilistic Models
  • Ops Rsch 421 Capstone in Operations Research: Case Studies
  • Ops Rsch 422 Capstone in Operations Research
  • Ops Rsch 405 Operations Research Seminar
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