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plot of damage to aircraft
Plot of damage on a/c returning to base. Which parts of the aircraft need better protection? The parts with lots of bullet holes or the parts without?
Operations Research
The analytical study of military and business problems to provide responsible commanders and leaders with a scientific basis for decision on action to improve military and business operations.

History of Operations Research

Operations Research (OR), as a discipline, arose from the need to determine optimal resource allocation and assist decision makers during the Second World War. Groups of mathematicians, physical scientists, and economists were assembled during the war to perform studies that would provide quantitative input for commanders. The results of their efforts were impressive and, soon thereafter, the commercial sector realized the power of these new planning techniques.

The use of mathematics to model real world systems was nothing new; physicists and economists had been doing this for years. What defined this new field called OR was its focus on the operations of organizations. Not only were traditional mathematical modeling methods used, such as statistics and probability, but new modeling methods were created, such as mathematical programming and queuing theory.

Operations Research Working Group

The Operations Research Working Group (ORWG) is comprised of faculty from four different USAFA departments: Computer Science, Economics, Management, and Math. Together they oversee the Operations Research major at the Academy.

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