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Mathematics Majors Development

DFMS documents the growth of each mathematics and applied mathematics major in the areas described by the DFMS educational outcomes.  Each declared mathematics/applied mathematics major has an electronic portfolio containing numerical ratings and comments from the instructors of their mathematics courses, research mentors, and academic advisors.  The portfolios provide an effective means of frequently assessing the development of the mathematics and applied mathematics majors without burdening any one person.  Director of Mathematics Programs reviews the portfolios at the end of each semester, and feedback is given to each mathematics and applied mathematics major concerning their progress at the start of the fall semester and as needed..


DFMS Educational Outcomes

Outcome 1:  Display proficiency with topical content included in the mathematics courses.

Outcome 2:  Effectively communicate topics related to mathematics and statistics.

Outcome 3:  Apply principles of science and the scientific method to frame and resolve a wide variety of problems related to mathematics and statistics.

Outcome 4:  Engage in a lifelong learning process via the ability to self-educate.

Faculty Development

DFMS has a strong mentoring, observation, and faculty development program. Faculty members routinely sit in on each other’s classes and discuss pedagogy and techniques.

We encourage observers to seek out the instructor they wish to observe prior to the lesson being observed, have a discussion about the type of observation and the expectations of the observed, and then another discussion after the observation whereby the observed can gain insight into their expectations versus what happened in that class.

Observations focus on teacher pedagogy competency, student-teacher discourse, verbal behavior of the students, and task orientation of the students.

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