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Why Military and Strategic Studies?


Your ability to think strategically, organize, and innovatively apply relevant concepts to the variety of operational challenges you will face in demanding environments will shape your effectiveness as an air, space, and cyberspace leader. The Military & Strategic Studies program blends the strengths of a number of relevant disciplines, uniting military studies and strategic studies to prepare you to think, lead and

operate across the spectrum of conflict in any domain. Whether you choose to make the Air Force a career, pursue other public service, or enter the private sector, this versatile major will help you develop capabilities and mindsets to compete successfully in dynamic challenging environments. MSS courses educate officers in the context, theory, and application of military and strategic power. Your professors are a diverse, strategically minded and operationally oriented team of US Air Force, Army and Navy officers, foreign exchange officers, and civilian faculty. The department is honored to possess a distinguished combat heritage. We trace our lineage from the 34th Bombardment Group of the "Mighty Eighth" Air Force during World War II (B-17 Flying Fortresses and B-24 Liberator aircraft) and the 50th Aero Squadron of the American Expeditionary Air Force during World War I (De Havilland DH-4 aircraft and two Congressional Medal of Honor winners, Lieutenants Harold E. Goettler and Erwin R. Bleckley). The history of these organizations was one of anticipation, adaptation and reorganization to perform new missions: aerial reconnaissance, flight training, heavy bombardment, military training, and military education. True to our heritage, MSS is a field of study we systematically design and continually update to provide an education tailored to the evolving professional responsibilities of Airmen.

Organized into four divisions, the Department of Military & Strategic Studies develops and delivers courses at the leading edge of scholarly approaches, content, and operational relevance. Our divisions include Strategy and Operations, Comparative Military & Strategic Studies, Research & Development, and Learning Laboratories. The Strategy and Operations Division develops intellectual fidelity to evaluate and integrate strategy and operations in and across air, space, cyber, and surface domains. The Comparative Military & Strategic Studies Division develops expertise to compare and evaluate military and strategic power throughout the world. The Research & Development Division develops cadet ability to conduct research and analysis while promoting faculty professional development to prepare future USAF leaders for the challenges of contemporary and future warfare. The Learning Laboratories Division promotes innovative teaching and effective learning in Military and Strategic Studies.

All our organizations provide world-class classroom and laboratory learning environments. The academic program in Military & Strategic Studies offers you the opportunity to enhance your basic USAFA core education by exploring the context, theory and application of military and strategic power.

























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