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The DFMI Mission

The mission of the Department of Military & Strategic Studies (DFMI) is:

... to educate future officers in concepts of military strategy, contemporary operations, and the integration of air, space, and cyberspace power


The Department's mission statement reflects our systematic approach to military and strategic studies--theory, context and application. The department is organized into two parts. The executive staff provides departmental guidance and resources for cadet and faculty development. The academic divisions (Strategy & Ops, Comparative MSS, R&D, and Learning Labs) develop and deliver courses and supporting programs. Each course and program combines intellectual rigor with contemporary relevance to develop leading-edge Air Force officers.

Overall, MSS core courses support focus on fulfilling essential USAF and joint commissioning education requirements, and USAFA learning outcomes related to military strategic concepts and doctrine, operational capabilities and missions, and airpower via all operational domains.


DFMI Learning Goal:  Appraise various strategies to achieve desired ends through the application of combined effects (in air, space, and cyberspace) within various geopolitical, cultural, and theoretical contexts. 


DFMI Learning Outcomes:

    o Appraise the contributions and limitations of air, space, and cyberspace power to national security and warfare.

    o Analyze military theory and strategy as tools for educating the mind as well as instruments for achieving objectives.

    o Comprehend current and future concepts of US national security, technology, and joint & coalition warfare within a diverse, global context.

    o Synthesize the critical thinking skills and attitudes necessary for academic scholarship and effective, ethical officership.




























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