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Military and Strategic Studies


The Field of Study


Military & Strategic Studies is a field of study designed to support the US Air Force Academy mission through the integration of military studies and strategic studies. MSS provides cadets an intellectually rigorous and operationally relevant field of study broadly defined as

the context, theory and application of military and strategic power. MSS research and learning methods draw from a variety of academic disciplines and professional practices to maintain a comprehensive, flexible approach to the study of military and strategic power. MSS course development is organized under two main subfields: strategy and operations, and comparative military and strategic studies. We examine competing arguments, principles and frameworks through classroom discussions, teaching cases, wargaming and laboratory simulations. For example, a scenario might start by developing nation or coalition goals, debating how to define military roles and achievable objectives to support these goals, then crafting an integrated campaign and operational assessment to create desired effects. Our Cadet Battle Lab and Air Warfare Lab provide venues for students to research and experience complexities of air, space, cyber and surface operations. All of our courses and programs are designed to promote critical thinking and to develop judgment about military issues, problems, and challenges.





























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