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USAFA Base Library

Collections & Services

Audio Book Downloads (Overdrive, OneClickDigital)
Audio Book Players (
Audio Books for kids, teens and adults
Battle of the Books
Best Sellers
Cassette/CD listening station
Chief of Staff of the Air Force  CSAF Reading materials
Children's Room
Children's Story Time on Fridays
Computers with Internet access (
Access to the AF Portal is available for TDY personnel with a CAC Card )
Computers with Microsoft Office Suite
Copy machine: 10¢ per page.
DVDs (
Movies & Documentaries for both kids and adults)
Education Resources (
CLEP, etc.)
Electronic Books (
Various website, please contact library staff for options)
Fax Machine [
A calling card is required for all non-local calls]
Games & Puzzles
Graphic Novels
Language Resources (
Books, Audio materials, Computer Software, Online Language Learning)
Magazines & Newspapers
Music CDs
Online Research Databases
Summer Reading Program for all ages
Wireless Internet Access

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