The Journal of Legal Studies - Volume 12


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Negotiations Goes to War...Charles J. Dunlap, Jr. and Paula B. McCarron

Military Justice and the Media: The Media Interview...James Schwenk

The Prosecution of the Crime of Genocide In the ICTY: The Case of Radislav Krstic...Frances T. Pilch

Military Tribunals and the Delicate Nature of President Bush's Unilateralist Foreign Policy...Damon V. Coletta

Jihad's Captives: Prisoners of War in Islam...Troy S. Thomas

Attracting the World's Policeman to Protocol I Additional to the 1949 Geneva Conventions...Dr. Joshua C. Harrison

Sledgehammers, Scalpels and Software: Special Operations and the Law of War in the 21st Century...Grant McLoone

Humanity: A Moral History of the Twentieth Century; Crimes Against Humanity: The Struggle for Global Justice...Reviewed by: David M. Kirkham

The Practical Guide to Humanitarian Law...Reviewed by: Todd E. McDowell

The Prosecution of Former Military Leaders in Newly Democratic Nations: The Cases of Argentina, Greece, and South Korea...Reviewed by: Michael J. McCormick

Managing Intercultural Conflict Effectively...Reviewed by: Dawn M. K. Zoldi

Law's Order: What Economics Has To Do With Law and Why It Matters...Reviewed by: David E. Fitzkee

Forensic Psychology...Reviewed by: Shawn Powell

Law Without Values - The Life, Work, and Legacy of Justice Holmes...Reviewed by: William D. Casebeer

Islands of Law: A Legal History of the British Isles...Reviewed by: David J. Western

Dignity and Liberty: Constitutional Visions in Germany and the United States...Reviewed by: Larry D. White

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