The Journal of Legal Studies - Volume 9


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The United States Should Join the International Criminal Court   by Paul C. Szasz

One Road Away From Rome: Concerns Regarding the International Criminal Court by Michael F. Lohr and William K. Lietzau

Cicero and Clausewitz or Quincy Wright:  The Interplay of Law and War by L.C. Green

The Crime of Rape in International Humanitarian Law by Frances T. Pilch

Legal Aspects of Offensive Information Operations in Space by Thomas C. Wingfield

Freedom of Hate and Service in the Coast Guard: Rights vs. Duty by Douglas Daniels

Book Review:  The Courtroom as Forum/Sentenced to Death Reviewed by Mark D. Noe

Book Review: Why Sovereignty Matters/Global Greens, Global Governance Reviewed by Peter J. Richards

Book Review: Nuclear Weapons and the World Court Reviewed by Michael N. Schmitt

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