USAFA Department of Foreign Languages

Faculty Positions

All Air Force officers with foreign language skills (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish) and a Master's Degree who desire to teach language at USAFA should contact us ASAP!

Open to Air Force Active Duty Officers only.   Officers in other branches of the armed forces can contact us, but you must also use your assignment system.

We Have Two Types of "Hires"
"Direct Hire"  Officers with language qualifications (certified through the Defense Language Proficiency Test, DLPT) and a master’s degree (in any field) can PCS directly to USAFA if released by AFPC.  Please apply using the procedures below, but you must also use the Airmen Development Plan (ADP) process to request the assignment through the Air Force assignment system.

"AFIT Hire"  Officers with language skill, but no advanced education may apply to be sponsored for a master’s degree.
        *Highly Competitive
        *Interviews are required
        *Apply directly to us using the procedures below
        *We will act as your liaison with AFPC if you're selected

Application Procedures:

Send the following information to the Foreign Language Department Personnel Officer:

    * Military Resumé (use Tongue and Quill format)
    * All OPRs and Training Reports
    * All Academic Transcripts (Undergraduate and Graduate)
    * Current DLPT Scores
    * Current GMAT and/or GRE Score Sheets (AFIT Hire applicants only)
    * Letters of Recommendation (current commander, previous academic advisors, etc.)

Personnel Officer, USAFA/DFF
2354 Fairchild Dr, Suite 4L8
USAFA CO 80840-6244

After we receive your package we may contact you to speak in the language you desire to teach.  Then it becomes a matter of gaining release from your career field at a time when we have an opening.  Teaching language at USAFA is truly a rewarding experience.  If you have language ability and a desire to teach future leaders, please contact us!

USAFA language instructors and students host students from Colorado College (Spring 2014)

USAFA language instructors and students host students from Colorado College (Spring 2014)

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DSN 333-3820, Comm (719) 333-3820



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