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In order to meet the Air Force’s increasing demand for officers with cross-cultural and foreign language skills, the U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA) offers cadets the opportunity to participate in several international education programs ranging from one week to one semester. The Academy also broadens perspectives by bringing international students and officers to study and teach at USAFA.

The Office of International Programs (DFIP) manages international education programs offered to USAFA cadets, including Cadet Summer Language Immersion Program (CSLIP), Cadet Semester Exchange Abroad Program (CSEAP), Cadet Semester Study Abroad Program (CSSAP), and Foreign Academy Visit (FAV) Program, as well as the Cultural Immersion Program (CIP) supported by the George and Carol Olmsted Foundation and USAFA’s Class of ’81 Endowment. Interested faculty and cadets should look for the call for applications, which is published each fall.

The Office of International Programs also oversees international semester exchange cadets studying at USAFA (approximately 25 per year) and four-year international cadets who attend from Basic Cadet Training through graduation (limited to 60), as well as international officers teaching at USAFA under the Military Personnel Exchange Program (MPEP).

Spring 2014
Farewell ceremony for cadets from Singapore’s Nanyang Technological
University and Germany’s Offizierschule der Luftwaffe (Spring 2014)

Fall 2013
USAFA Cadets on Chilean Academy Exchange –
ruck march in the Atacama Desert (Fall 2013)

Summer 2013
Chinese Language Summer Immersion at the Great Wall (Summer 2013)

The Office of International Programs manages the following programs:

Cadet Summer Language Immersion Program (CSLIP)

Cadets rapidly improve foreign language skills while spending three or six weeks studying at an accredited university or language school overseas. Cadets generally spend half of each day in the classroom learning new foreign language skills, and the rest of the day immersed in the culture, practicing the language. In summer 2014 USAFA sent cadets abroad to study language in China, France, Germany, Japan, Latvia, Mexico, Morocco, Panama, Portugal, and Spain.

Cadet Semester Exchange Abroad Program (CSEAP)

CSEAP is a reciprocal exchange program between USAFA and foreign military academies. Each year competitively-selected USAFA cadets study abroad for one semester at academies in Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, and Spain while USAFA hosts a similar number of cadets from these foreign academies. Participation in this program greatly improves language fluency, cultural understanding, and knowledge of allied armed forces.

Cadet Semester Study Abroad Program (CSSAP)

CSSAP offers opportunities for study at civilian universities abroad, greatly increasing language fluency and cultural understanding. Through CSSAP, competitively-selected cadets study for one semester at accredited universities in Brazil, China, Georgia, Japan, Mexico, and Morocco.

Foreign Academy Visit (FAV) Program

Foreign Academy Visits are part of a reciprocal program that promotes bonds of understanding between air forces. Each fall USAFA hosts the graduating class from the Colombian Air Force Academy and also hosts International Week, during which cadets from over 25 countries visit the Academy. Countries that send delegations to these events typically host USAFA cadets over the following spring break. In 2013 - 2014 USAFA cadets traveled to academies in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Georgia, Greece, Honduras, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Thailand, and Turkey.

Cultural Immersion Program (CIP)

Through the Cultural Immersion Program cadets and their faculty mentors work together to plan overseas travel from one to three weeks in duration. Proposals include a reading group or special topics course taught in the spring semester, in which cadets study the culture or plan a project related to the country chosen for travel. This pre-travel preparation allows cadets to build on classroom knowledge during their time overseas. CIPs are generously supported by the George and Carol Olmsted Foundation, and more recently USAFA's Class of '81 Endowment. In summer 2014 cadets and faculty mentors studied in Cambodia, Germany, Israel, Poland, and Vietnam.

Four-Year International Cadet Program

The Four-Year International Cadet Program ensures a global perspective within the Cadet Wing. Public law allows up to 60 international cadets to attend USAFA from Basic Cadet Training through graduation. Since 1966, cadets from 46 countries have graduated from USAFA. Many have gone on to assume senior leadership positions in their countries' governments and militaries. The program advances long-term friendships between graduates and nations.

Military Personnel Exchange Program (MPEP)

The Air Force has formal agreements with foreign countries to exchange personnel in order to build, sustain, and expand international relations that are critical enablers of our Air and Space Expeditionary Force. Air Force Instruction 16-107 (Military Personnel Exchange Program) is the governing directive for maintaining these exchanges. International officers from France, Germany, Japan, Korea, and Spain currently serve on the faculty teaching foreign language and culture courses, and other subjects depending on the officer's expertise.

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