Department of English & Fine Arts Transfer and Validation Credit

We offer automatic validation for English 111 (Introductory Composition and Research) with an AP score of 5 (on Language/Composition or Literature/Composition) or an IB score of 5+. The USAFA registrar receives these scores directly from the College Board.  Occasionally, cadets’ scores do not make it onto the official list, in which case the student should contact the English 111 course director and bring the appropriate test documents for validation.

We offer transfer credit for English 111 if a student earned an A- or higher in a freshman English composition course at an accredited four-year college or university. We also offer transfer credit to students who earned an A- or higher in an English composition course at an accredited two-year college AND also scored exceptionally well on the verbal component of the SAT or ACT exam (700+ SAT or 30+ ACT). College courses that are taught in a high school and given concurrent high school credit do not qualify for transfer credit. We only award transfer credit for courses that include numerous writing assignments, instruction in argumentation, and a significant research paper. We will check transcripts submitted to USAFA to determine whether students meet these requirements. Once the academic year begins, if a cadet feels that he or she was eligible for transfer credit but has not received it, he or she should bring  relevant documents (college transcript, course description, and in some cases standardized test scores) to the English 111 Course Director.

For more information, contact the Department of English and Fine Arts at (719) 333-3930.




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