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Becoming a Military Instructor in the Department of English and Fine Arts (DFENG)

Active duty military members are a vital part of our faculty.  There are several pathways to becoming a military instructor in the department; all are rewarding experiences that help shape the lives of future leaders of character.

If you already have a master's degree in English, English Literature, or Rhetoric and Composition from an accredited institution you may be eligible for direct hire.   If you don’t, you can compete for an AFIT-sponsored graduate degree.  Unfortunately, online graduate degrees are not considered suitable qualifications for direct hire.

If you have a Bachelor’s Degree in English and are interested in teaching at USAFA, AFIT funds a sponsorship program that allows you to spend 15-18 months at a civilian institution (max cap = $19K annual tuition) earning your master’s degree in either English Literature or Rhetoric and Compositon.  After either an intervening operational tour, or successful completion of the graduate program, you will receive an assignment to the faculty—typically a three-year tour.


You won’t find a more enriching and exciting place to work.Our faculty is research-oriented and work hard to match new faculty with mentors that support and encourage scholarly interests.
USAFA’s academic program is top-notch.  Your job will be to help cadets become great officers by developing their critical thinking skills and equipping them to analyze complex ideas about the human condition.

Among a host of additional duties, you can volunteer as the Dean's speechwriter, the officer-in-charge of Bluebards (cadet drama club), an assistant Air Officer Commanding (AOC) for a cadet squadron, or a primary AOC for summer cadet programs such as soaring, jump, and survival school.

Application Instructions

All applications are ultimately driven by the dissemination of AFPC’s Advanced Academic Degree/Special Experience Exchange Duty (AAD/SPEED) message, which details the specifications to garner career-field release**.   This message is typically released in the spring.  If you are eligible, please respond to the AAD/SPEED application guidelines by completing an AF Fm 3849 (PME/AFIT/RFTB/Officer Worksheet).

AFPC will send you a release/conditional release/non-release message.  If you’ve been released please send the DFENG Human Resources Officer a full application package, in either electronic or hard copy form.

**Constraints for rated personnel.  Satisfy current USAF-rated manning policies including operational flying (gate) experience and weapon system identifier requirements
The following information must be included with each application:

  • Military resume with cover letter (see Targeted Resume in The Tongue and Quill)
    -- Under Job Objective, place a statement volunteering for instructor duty

  • Three letters of recommendation

  • Copies of your last five OPRs (if applicable)

  • Copies of college transcripts (from all institutions attended, to include undergraduate)

  • Copy of your latest GRE scores

  • Current records review RIP from vMPF or SURF data from AMS

  • Rated Personnel--copies of AF Forms 8 for the last two years

  • One 7-10 page academic writing sample

Send hard copies to: 
Lieutenant Colonel Max Despain
2354 Fairchild Dr, Suite # 6D-215
USAFA, CO 80840-6242

Electronic packages are preferable.  Please use the following email POC:

Selection Process

All packages are vetted by the Department Head and Executive Committee.  Potential candidates receive an interview invitation, conducted in-person or, on rare occasions, via video teleconference.  The interview consists of a 15-20 minute lecture.  Interviewees are expected to field questions afterwards. 

Applicants are notified of their selection by the Department Head.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the POC listed above.




U.S. Air Force Academy, USAFA, CO 80840, (719) 333-1110 DSN: 333-1110, 09 Dec 16
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