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 Prospective Employment Information

The Department of Economics and Geosciences hires personnel through several different avenues including: Military Direct Hire , Civilian Hire , and Civilian Visiting Professor.  The application and hiring process is listed below for each avenue.

Contact Information:
Attn: Personnel Officer
2354 Fairchild Dr. Suite 6K 110
USAF Academy, Co 80840

Phone: DSN 333-3080 Commercial (719) 333-3080
scott.dubsky@usafa.edu (Attention Personnel Officer)

Military Direct Hire :
DFEG directly hires military personnel with Masters Degrees and PhDs in the fields of economics, geoscience, and meteorology. Although the hiring process is conducted on a continuous basis, application should be submitted approximately 18-months in advance of a potential PCS.

If you are a military officer interested in teaching economics, geography, or meteorology this is the procedure you would follow:

I. Submit an "Application Package" which includes:
   •  A letter of intent explaining why you want the position
  •  Last 5 OPRs
  •  Undergraduate and graduate transcripts
  •  GRE Scores (if available)
  •  SURF
  •  Photograph (optional)
  •  Individual flight records (if applicable)
  •  Letters of recommendation (optional)

II. Personal interview with Department consisting of meeting with the senior staff and presenting a 15-minute talk in front of the department on some topic related to your current job or potential teaching specialty (econ, geog, meteor.)

Civilian Hire : DFEG hires civilian professors as positions become available. All available positions are advertised on www.usajobs.opm.gov . Additionally, more information regarding Academy faculty positions can be found at the USAFA civilian personnel web site.

Civilian Visiting Professor : DFEG typically hires civilian visiting professors for a one-year temporary position. Visiting professors must be a full-time professor at a civilian institution or a federal government agency and should be of rank of Associate Professor or Professor.


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