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  Department of Economics and Geosciences

Col Richard L. Fullerton
Col Jennifer Alexander

Permanent Professor


Welcome to the Department of Economics and Geosciences (DFEG) at the U.S. Air Force Academy. DFEG is committed to the education and development of future Air Force officers by upholding the guiding principles of Knowledge, Character and inspiring cadets to embrace the military profession.

The Department of Economics and Geosciences (DFEG) is responsible for the development and administration of three academic majors: Economics, Geospatial Science, and Meteorology. Each major is supported by some of the nation's best faculty in their respective fields.  The DFEG department strives to create an intellectually stimulating environment through learning-focused courses and faculty-student mentoring.
Our Mission

To develop cadets' understanding of the world and the allocation of its resources so they can better serve our nation as Air Force Officers.

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