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Activities :  The individual actions that are part of a process to achieve an objective or outcome.   Activities may also be measurements that, when results are analyzed and assessed, determine achievement of an objective or outcome.

Course Activities :   Cadet learning and achievement measurements that, when accumulated and combined with other cadet measurement instruments (surveys, Fundamentals of Engineering exam, etc), provide direct evidence of the achievement of program curriculum outcomes.

Course Assessment Plan (CAP) :  Document outlining course goals, objectives, assessment methods, and success criteria for a course.  Also includes the course's contribution to the overall program assessment process.  Controlled document that assures continuity when course directorship changes.

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Course Director: Faculty member in charge of a course.  Maintains course assessment plan (CAP), prepares all course materials, exams, and grading criteria, maintains course log to record how the course progresses, assesses course, and prepares end-of-course report.

Course Goals and Objectives: Contained in the Course Assessment Plan and presented to the cadets in the course syllabus, Course Goals and Objectives describe the enrolled cadets' learning goals for each course and the specific educational objectives that the course expects to achieve.

DFCS:  Dean of Faculty, Department of Computer Science

DFEC:  Dean of Faculty, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Division Goals and Objectives: Describe the actions in broad (goals) and specific, measurable (objective) terms that the divisions take to support the achievement of the program goals and outcomes as well as the Supporting Objectives.  Typically, Division Goals and Objectives describe processes undertaken to support programs and contribute measurable evidence that objectives are being met.  Division Goals and Objectives provide the guidance for the supporting division processes that in turn support Department and program processes.

Goals: The Department should achieve its mission if these end conditions are achieved.  We expect to have short-range, long-range, and/or continuing goals.  Goals are typically too broad to measure success directly.

Mission: The Department's vision for what it would like to do.  Designed to be short and easy to remember because everyone should know it, buy into it, and fully support it.

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Objectives: Measurable items or ends towards which processes supporting an academic program are focused.  Objectives support the achievement of goals that in turn lead to the achievement of Program Curricular Outcomes.  Achievement of objectives must be measurable.

USAFA:  United Air States Air Force Academy

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