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image of Dwight D. EisenhowerDwight D. Eisenhower was the first American president to establish a national policy shaping US engagement in space for both military and peaceful purposes and remains the benchmark against which all successive policies are measured. President Eisenhower oversaw the creation of both the National Reconnaissance Office and NASA, laying the foundation for the manned space program, the use of space to bolster national security, and the infrastructure which led to revolutions in battle management and global communications. He also oversaw the establishment of the Air Force Academy itself. As the epitome of the soldier-statesman, his leadership shaped American defense policy during the critical days of the early Cold War, meeting the global military challenge of Soviet Communism in a way that neither bankrupted America financially, nor placed undue strain on its democratic institutions. The Eisenhower Center embodies these essential aspects of President Eisenhower's character and seeks to continue them through educational programs in space and defense studies, bringing together Academy cadets and faculty with leaders and scholars from across the nation and the world.

The mission of the Eisenhower Center is to provide the intellectual foundation for the integration of space policy in the overall national security policy of the United States, define the curriculum for space policy studies in higher education, and produce successive generations of Air Force officers with a vocation for space.


A Message from the Directorclose window

image of Ambassador Roger G. Harrison, Ph.D.

Ambassador Roger G. Harrison, Ph.D.
Director and Alan & Malcolm and Glenn L. Martin
Professor of Space and Defense Studies
The collaboration of soldiers, scholars, and scientists studying nuclear deterrence in the 1950s led to a robust evolution of doctrine that shaped national and international policy for the succeeding forty years. Our goal as a Center is to create this same robust dialogue focused on the future of policy in space. The emergence of space as a key element in national security policy has persuaded us of the need for an approach which will integrate space in overall national security strategy and change the way defense policy is studied and taught. Our new book, Space Defense Policy, is tailored for use by students and space professionals in the military services, academia, and the private sector. Our yearly forums on space policy, our journal Space and Defense, and our workshops provide arenas for innovative thinking on space policy and serve as a common intellectual meeting place for military officers, policy makers, academics, and representatives of the private sector. All of this is expressive of our founding conviction: that free and open dialogue between all interested parties is essential to the creation of a sound, lasting, and beneficial American role in space."

Our Senior Advisorsclose window

The Honorable Peter B. Teets, Distinguished Chairman

Senior Advisors
  • Senator Wayne Allard, (retired)
  • Ronald Fogleman, General, USAF (retired)
  • James P. McCarthy, General, USAF (retired)
  • Thomas Moorman, General, USAF (retired)
  • David Frost, Vice Admiral, US Navy (retired)
  • Ed Anderson, Lieutenant General, US Army (retired)
  • Ms. Joanne Maguire, Executive VP, Lockheed Martin Space Systems
  • Ms. Natalie Crawford, Vice President, RAND Corporation
  • Dr. John Logsdon, Director, Space Policy Institute (GWU)
  • Ms. Susan Eisenhower, President, Eisenhower Group, Inc.
Scowcroft Professorshipclose window

The Brent Scowcroft Professorship in National Security Studies
Lieutenant General (USAF, retired) Brent Scowcroft served as the National Security Advisor to both Presidents Gerald R. Ford and George H. W. Bush and has played (in both his military and civilian life) a significant role in shaping our Nation's defense policy for over four decades. His distinguished military career includes service as Head of the USAF Academy's Department of Political Science, where he emphasized the importance of intellectual achievement and an appreciation for the broader political and constitutional context in which the profession of arms exists. The establishment of a professorship named in honor of General Scowcroft commemorates his distinguished service to his country, both in and out of uniform, and provides a continuing reminder of the professionalism, integrity, and critical intellect that marked that service - ideals that we seek to infuse in our cadets as vital to their 21st century careers.

The Scowcroft Professorship is resident within the Eisenhower Center for Space and Defense Studies in the Department of Political Science (DFPS). The position is filled by a scholar of national reputation, combining academic achievement with experience in government. The Scowcroft Professorship further positions the USAF Academy as the leading undergraduate institution in the country in the study of national security, defense, and space policy.