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The Assessment Division supports the Directorate for Education's overall mission by offering state-of-the-art services in assessment.  In short, our job is to help the members of Dean of Faculty determine the extent to which they are being successful in meeting their educational goals

Our efforts are framed by a simple model of assessment that includes data collection, analysis, and interpretation as vital parts of evaluating goal-directed behavior. Regardless of your precise role at the United States Air Force Academy, you have goals that you are trying to achieve. How do you know that you are successful in achieving them? It is this question that the Assessment Division is committed to helping you answer.

Of course, there are many different constituencies here at  the United States Air Force Academy, each of which has their won specific goals.  As a result, we offer assessment services to several different “levels” of the Academy.

For Example:

  1. At the classroom level, we can help you compile an in-depth understanding of cadet attitudes towards your course. We do this through course critiques, focus groups, and small group (in-class) activities. We also offer workshops and classroom observations in order to help instructors hone their teaching skills. Finally, we can help you with test and survey construction and validation, or assist in any element of course or program evaluation on a basis tailored to your specific needs.
  1. At the department level, we can assist your department in creating or refining a systematic assessment plan.  Many of our departments’ assessment efforts have been compiled in our  the United States Air Force Academy Assessment Catalog, which can help you get an idea of how other departments approach assessing their courses and programs.  In addition, the Center for Educational Excellence is the point of contact for administering standardized tests (e.g., the Major Field Achievement Test) in your area of specialty or concentration.  We also administer the Dean’s Fund for Academic Excellence (ACE), which funds projects relating to curriculum development, assessment, faculty development, and cadet academic travel. Proposals for this funding are accepted twice a year.
  1. At the Dean’s level, the Center for Educational Excellence serves as the focal point in our ten year North Central Association accreditation cycle and has developed an assessment plan which outlines the Academy’s academic assessment efforts over our ten-year accreditation cycle.  We are the primary point of contact for implementing the assessments within this plan, as well as briefing summaries of assessment results to the Dean and other interested parties.
  1. Finally, at the institutional level, we represent the Dean of the Faculty on the Assessment Board of Directors.  This group, made up of assessment personnel from around the base, provides centralized coordination of the Academy’s assessment activities.  The Board of Directors also maintains the Academy’s assessment database and serves as a liaison to both Air Force and external civilian agencies.

If you would like to learn more about the services we offer in the Assessment Division, please click on any of the links above.  Alternatively, see our list of FAQ’s below to see if we’ve anticipated what you need.  If you cannot find what you need, or if you require more information, please feel free to contact the Director for Academic Assessment with any requests for assistance.

1. How can I obtain Academic Excellence “ACE” funding for an area I am interested in exploring? 

2. What exactly is a focus group and how can this help me with improving my course or program? 

3. Is it possible to have someone come in to my class for a portion of a period to help me with assessing my course? 

4. What are others doing to assess their courses and programs at  the United States Air Force Academy? 

5. What does the “big picture” look like at  the United States Air Force Academy for assessing the entire institution for the purpose of accreditation by the North Central Association (NCA)? 

6. Are any workshops being offered throughout the semester that can help me with my assessment needs? 

7. Do you have some simple and fast assessment tools that I can use in my class today? 

8. How do I make sense of my end-of-course critique results?

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Director of Assessment
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