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Assessment Catalog


The following pages are a culmination of our most recent work in categorizing and documenting course and program assessment efforts at the United States Air Force Academy.  The USAF Academy Assessment Catalog provides an at-a-glance summary of assessment efforts related to cadet academic achievement, performance of Academy Graduates in the Air Force, and performance of the departments and agencies in their educational mission.  The catalog was first created in 1997 as a product of the Dean of the Faculty Meta-Assessment Process Action Team (PAT).  In 1999, several columns were added to the original document to provide information on the source of assessment data, a categorization of assessment instruments, the frequency of use of the instruments, and a point of contact for each.   This edition of the catalog further expands entries to include a greater variety of instrument types and links to the seven educational outcomes.  Catalog entries were collected via individual interviews with representatives from each department and agency.  Prior to printing, entries were reviewed by Department and agency heads to ensure the accuracy and completeness of all inputs.  Department and agency heads also provided the utility assessments and decision statements.  This catalog is the first bi-annual update to the 1999 version of the Catalog.  Changes in this edition of the catalog include (1) a break-out of surveys and questionnaires to include local and commercial products; (2) a break-out of interviews to include group and individual interviews (GI and II); (3) the addition of accrediting agency evaluation (AA) to the list of instrument types; (4) the addition of a field to link the Catalog entries to the seven Educational Outcomes; (5) the addition of hyperlinks to sample instruments and additional information on the techniques presented; and (6) the addition of the Cadet Library as a contributing agency. 



The USAF Academy Assessment Catalog has many purposes.  As a catalog of all course and program assessment efforts, the document (1) allows for cross-flow of assessment ideas between and among departments and agencies; (2) identifies internal and external sources of assessment data; (3) tracks the currency and frequency of use of assessment methods; (4) identifies key decisions based on assessment data; (5) provides judgments about the utility of the assessment methods (low, moderate, or high) by the users of the data; (6) links assessment tools to the seven USAFA Educational Outcomes; and (7) identifies knowledgeable points of contact within the departments and agencies.  The assessment tools in the catalog are grouped by academic departments (the primary users of assessment data for decision-making) and several service agencies (both providers and users of assessment data).

Categorization Scheme:

Label:    Name for assessment technique or tool designated by the department or agency submitting the entry.

Description:    Short description of the assessment technique or tool.  Hyperlinks provide sample instruments or additional information on the technique or tool.

Data Source:    Categorizes data source as either internal or external to the Air Force Academy.  The internal or external data source is further specified.  Internal sources include cadets, faculty, and visiting faculty.  External sources include alumni, Air Force members outside of the Academy, and other.

Type of Instrument:    Categorizes and codes the type of assessment technique or tool as listed below.

AA: Accrediting Agency Evaluation or Guidance
AR:  Archived Records
BO:  Behavioral Observation
CS:  Commercial Survey or Questionnaire
CT:  Commercial Test
ER:  Evaluation or Review (other than AA)
GI:  Group Interview
 II:  Individual Interview
 LT:  Local Test
 LS:  Local Survey or Questionnaire
 P:  Portfolio

Date/Frequency:    Documents the most recent use of the technique or tool along with the frequency of administration.

Decision:    Summarizes how the assessment technique or tool is linked to the decision-making process.

Utility:  Department and agency chairs provide a utility rating of “low,” “moderate,” or “high.”

Outcomes:  Outcomes refer to the seven “Educational Outcomes” listed below.  The “Outcomes” field links the assessment technique or tool to the associated Educational Outcome(s).

1.      Officers who possess breadth of integrated, fundamental knowledge in the basic sciences, engineering, the humanities, and social sciences, and depth of knowledge in an area of concentration of their choice

2.      Officers who are intellectually curious

3.  Officers who can communicate effectively

4.  Officers who can frame and resolve ill-defined problems

5.  Officers who can work effectively with others

6.  Officers who are independent learners

7. Officers who can apply their knowledge and skills to the unique tasks of the military profession

Point of Contact:

Director of Assessment
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