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FERL Mentor Information

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This nationally recognized program is an innovative hands-on educational and construction experience. Students learn by constructing first and designing later." Our field experience in construction prepares students for future classroom success Craftsmen from the Active, Guard and Reserve Air Force serve as Mentors for each activity. They teach the cadets and then work alongside to help them get started and to keep them safe. The cadets do most of the construction themselves. Today's Air Force is a total force, consisting of active duty, guard, reserves, and civilians. We encourage civilian craftsmen to apply for the program. Mentor applications for FERL 2016 will be accepted between 01 February and 1 April via the FERL application page on this website.

Cadet activities include:

  • modular housing construction
  • surveying
  • concrete placement & finishing
  • steel bridge construction
  • field trips to construction sites
  • material testing of steel, concrete and wood
  • heavy equipment operations
  • asphalt road paving
  • environmental activities


FERL Group Photos

FERL 2015 Group Photo

Electricians will instruct the cadets through all phases of wiring a residential type building. Electricians must comprehend standard residential construction practices such as: correct Romex® wiring, breaker panel wiring and installation, circuit breaker sizing and installation, outlet installation and switch installation, and general lighting installation.

Engineering assistants must be proficient with Autolevel and Total Station surveying procedures. They will demonstrate use of surveying equipment to cadets, and monitor the cadets' progress during field surveying exercises. Familiarity with Global Positioning System surveying is desirable, but not essential. Applicants should also have some working knowledge of concrete quality control and materials testing. Additional construction surveying experience (e.g., setting batter boards, foundation forms, etc.) should be noted on this application.

Equipment operators will provide familiarization training to cadets on several pieces of heavy equipment. Operators must be proficient and licensed on at least 3 of the types of equipment listed. (Excavator, backhoe, loader, grader, dump truck, roller compactor, crane, scraper, and asphalt lay down machine.)

Operators will be chosen so that there are at least three proficient instructors for each type of equipment. At least four of the operators must be experts at asphalt paving. These operators will instruct and assist the cadets in an actual paving operation. Operators should also have experience in concrete flatwork.

Plumbers will instruct the cadets in the procedures required to install plumbing systems in a residential type building. Therefore, plumbers must be knowledgeable of the Uniform Plumbing Code requirements and standard residential construction practices such as roughing in supply and waste lines and installing fixtures (toilet, sink).

Power production specialists will instruct cadets through air base readiness power production operations. Specialists must be able to teach fundamental principles with respect to: power theory: basic concepts of current, voltage, and resistance, parallel circuits, the estimation of total current and power requirements, generator familiarization: fueling, starting, operation and shutdown; safety, and power production scenarios.

Structural technicians will instruct the cadets through all phases of building a residential type building. Therefore, the structural technicians must have very strong backgrounds in wood frame construction. The technicians must comprehend all phases of construction including: floor and wall framing (raising, squaring, proper nail size, proper nail pattern), roofing (truss installation, decking, felt paper and shingle installation, proper nail types, sizes, and nailing patterns for each phase of roof installation), windows and personnel door installation (squaring, insulating, lock installation), drywall (nail and screw types, nail and screw patterns, taping and mud), durasand, and other interior wall materials, exterior and interior finish work.

U.S. Air Force Academy, USAFA, CO 80840, (719) 333-1110 DSN: 333-1110, 10 Dec 16
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