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The purpose of the Visiting Faculty program is to supplement the Air Force Academy faculty by providing visiting civilian educators from institutions of higher education. These civilian educators bring a vital expertise to the Air Force and take back to their permanent positions a broadened awareness of the Air Force Academy environment. In the process, these educators enhance their own professional development.


Applicants for a visiting faculty position in the Air Force Academy's Department of Chemistry must possess a Ph.D. in a chemistry discipline and should hold an academic rank of associate professor or professor at their home institution.


Complete responsibility is entrusted to visiting faculty members to fully use their capabilities in their areas of expertise. Because department needs and visiting faculty member's areas of expertise vary, the particular duties will be determined by the Department Head and the visiting faculty member. Major components of this program may include:

  • Assisting in the development of and conducting courses for cadets. Performing course-related research work to determine needed subject coverage.
  • Assisting in the development of and directing cadet independent study projects. Performing independent study of the educational value of cadet research efforts.
  • Reviewing content of departmental courses in the visiting faculty member's area of specialty and recommending revisions, if appropriate.
  • Serving as a consultant to department faculty members and cadets engaged in faculty-sponsored research projects. Performing educational research and contributing to research on current Air Force problems.
  • Conducting original research on matters of mutual interest to both the visiting faculty member and the Air Force leading to possible publications in professional journals.
  • Serving as advisor to the Department Head and performing such functions as assisting in curriculum development, participating in faculty committees, and other functions of educational leadership in the visiting faculty member's area of expertise.
  • Developing and conducting seminars and colloquiums for faculty members. The visiting faculty member is relied upon by other department faculty members for technical expertise in the faculty member's area of specialization.
  • Reviewing Air Force Academy library holdings and recommending additions and deletions. Performing related research work to aid in the determination of proper subject coverage in the library for use by cadets and faculty.


Visiting faculty members work under the immediate supervision of their respective Department Heads who provide general guidance on policy and who make specific assignments. Work is reviewed in terms of conformance with standards and objectives of the individual departments.


Visiting faculty members must possess intuitive good judgment, tact, and initiative so that cooperative and harmonious working relationships exist with other members of the Academy staff and faculty. Visiting faculty members will be among the select few civilian faculty or government personnel who have been chosen because of their outstanding contributions to education and/or research in their respective fields.


Department of Chemistry
2355 Fairchild Drive, Suite 2N225
USAF Academy CO 80840-6230
Phone: (719) 333-2960

Visiting Faculty Program Director
Office of the Dean of the Faculty
2354 Fairchild Drive Suite 6F4
United States Air Force Academy CO 80840-6200
Phone: (719) 333-2558

Assignment Agreement
Assignments will be formalized on an Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) Assignment Agreement (Optional Form 69) developed by the Office of Personnel Management and supplemented by the Air Force Academy. This agreement documents such items as the type of assignment, job duties, fiscal obligations, and travel and transportation expenses. The agreement form requires signatures of the faculty member, an authorized official of the visiting faculty member's institution, and an authorized official from the Air Force (the Dean of the Faculty of the Air Force Academy).

Assignment Status
Visiting faculty members will be temporarily detailed to the Federal government. They will remain employees of their institution of higher education for most purposes. The period of assignment will normally be for 10 3/4 months (normally ~8 July through ~31 May). The Dean of the Faculty may approve requests to deviate from established assignment lengths.

Assignment Costs
Visiting faculty members will continue to receive their salaries from their institution of higher education. The Air Force Academy will reimburse the institution for the salary and the employer's contribution for basic fringe benefits such as health and life insurance, retirement, and social security. Overhead costs, or costs that are normally treated as overhead costs, will not be paid to the university. The college/university will submit quarterly billings to the Academy. All billings must include copies of supporting documentation such as payroll vouchers.

Assignment Conditions: Work Week, Vacation Time, Sick Leave
The Academy is a unique academic institution where all military and civilian instructors are expected to be present for the entire duty day. No private business consulting during duty hours is authorized. Visiting faculty members and their Department Heads will develop mutually agreeable teaching and research schedules.

Holidays normally given to Federal employees will be observed (New Year's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Presidents' Day, Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Veterans' Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas). However, classes may be scheduled on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Presidents' Day, Columbus Day, or Veterans' Day.

Leave will be calculated in the same manner as for Department of Defense civilian employees with more than 3, but less than 15 years of service. The employee will earn 20 days of annual leave (a total of 160 hours) and 13 days of sick leave (a total of 104 hours) during a 12-month period.

Movement of Household Goods
Moves to and from the Air Force Academy will be made in conjunction with the period of assignment and will be scheduled at the faculty member's request.

Travel and Transportation Expenses To and From the Academy
Depending on the type of contract used and the contractual agreements, the Air Force may arrange and pay for moving expenses to and from the Academy. Payment by the Air Force Academy will be subject to the conditions, limitations, required documentation, and approvals as prescribed in the Joint Travel Regulations, Volume 2. Pre-assignment house-hunting trips and payment of certain real estate fees will not be allowed in this program due to the temporary nature of the assignment.

Depending upon availability, married faculty members with spouses and/or dependents and single parent faculty members with dependents may be authorized, subject to availability, to reside on the Air Force Academy in government housing at the fair rental rate. Rental charges are subject to change annually to follow the Consumer Price Index and are supplied by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Living on the Academy will facilitate individual involvement with cadets and Air Force officers, thereby enhancing the faculty member's understanding of the total Air Force Academy environment. Residing in government housing also provides the faculty member with Commissary and Base Exchange (BX) privileges. Single faculty members, or married but unaccompanied faculty members, will not be authorized housing on the Academy. All visiting faculty members, whether residing on or off the Academy, will be able to utilize the USAFA 10th Services Squadron facilities.

Security Clearance
No security clearance is required for normal visiting faculty assignments.

Official Travel During the Academy Assignment
Official travel required in the performance of duties or required by an Air Force Academy academic department will be paid for by that department. The faculty member will submit travel vouchers in the same manner as other employees at the Air Force Academy.

Legal References
Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA), 5 U.S.C. §§ 3371-3375. This method of payment requires that the visiting faculty member be employed by an institution of higher education or by an agency of the state or local government.

Conflict of Interest Laws and Standards of Conduct Provisions
IPA detailees are considered agency employees for certain purposes. The visiting faculty member is subject to a number of provisions of law governing the ethical and other conduct of Federal employees. Applicable detailed information will be supplied to each individual selected for this program.

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