Civilian Teaching Positions
The Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership advertises from time to time for well-qualified civilian professors.  The civilian workforce provides for long-term stability and continuity within our faculty. For current vacancies, check the US Air Force Academy Civilian Personnel Office: 719-333-4363.

Military Pipeline and Direct Hire Teaching Positions
DFBL is looking for highly qualified officers to join our cadre of academic instructors.  There are two avenues by which military personnel can become an instructor in our department:

Faculty Pipeline AFIT Sponsorship Program
Nearly every year, our department sponsors between one and three active duty officers to complete a Masters degree in a Behavioral Science or Leadership related discipline.  This is accomplished via the AFIT Civilian Institute Program, wherein those selected will PCS to an AFIT-approved university, and are given 1.5 years to complete their Masters degree.  In return, members incur a 3-year (concurrent) ADSC upon completion of the program, and are expected to come to DFBL to teach for a 4-year tour at some point later in their career, typically after an intervening operational tour (IOT). In order to be considered, all applicants must comply with AFPC’s Advanced Academic Degree application process by submitting their AF Form 3849 stating their desire to compete for an Advanced Academic Degree via the USAFA Instructor/Faculty Pipeline (USAFA FP) Program.  The suspense for submission of the AF Form 3849 is typically in early May each year.  Check with your AFPC career field manager for details.

Military Direct Hire Positions
Direct hire opportunities are available to those who already have at least a Masters degree in a Behavioral Science or Leadership related discipline.  Previous teaching and/or research experience is desired, but is not a prerequisite for application.

Application Requirements and Considerations
All AFSCs are eligible to apply for either program and the minimum grade requirement is junior officer.  Typically, we look for junior to mid-level O-3’s and above who have completed at least two operational tours prior to their arrival here.  Since the potential commitments involve a significant amount of time (especially for the Pipeline Faculty Program), interested personnel are highly encouraged to confer with their supervisors/mentors and career field managers prior to applying to ensure that a tour here is in line with their career progression and promotion goals.
Application requirements for both programs are listed below.  Packages are reviewed by the department senior staff and selections are usually made in order to coincide with AFPC assignment cycles.  All selections are by-name requisitions which are subject to final approval and release from the officers' assignment management team at AFPC.
Application deadlines, but the earlier the better! 
Assignment cycle deadlines are usually in early October.
Note:  If you are unable to make the deadline, please contact the DFBL personnel officer and we may be able to accept your application at a later date, depending on where we are in the process.  AFIT sponsorship:  only apply for summer cycles.
Applications must include the following items.

Complete an USAFA Instructor Candidate Statement of Interest (SOI) form and submit it to AFPC by the deadline on the USAFA Instructor PSDM (typically mid-Sept).  AFPC will then notify us of your release/non-release from your AFSC. 

  • Cover Letter (stating why you desire to pursue a Masters Degree, if applicable, and teach at the Academy, highlighting strengths, teaching/research/leadership experience, etc.)
  • The last 3 PT scores (a copy of your fitness score sheet)
  • Military resume or vita
  • Current SURF
  • Last 5 OPRs
  • Official transcripts from your undergraduate program, please scan and send with electronic package
  • If applying for a direct hire position, official transcripts from your graduate programs (at least a Master’s degree in some relevant area of behavioral science is required), please open scan and send with electronic package
  • Letters of recommendation (3 letters are sufficient and they may be included in your package or sent directly from the authors to the address below)
  • If applying for the AFIT sponsorship, current GRE scores (within 5 years)

Scan and e-mail these materials to:
Electronic copies are preferred; however you may send hard copies to:
            HQ USAFA/DFBL
            ATTN: Personnel Officer
            2354 Fairchild Drive
            USAFA, CO 80840-6228

If you have any questions concerning this process, please contact our department personnel officer at DSN 333-2514, or Comm 719-333-2514.


Working for DFBL

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