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Col Gary Packard

Col Gary A. Packard, Department Head

Hometown: Chelsea, MI

Education: Ph.D. Developmental Psych., UNC Chapel Hill, 1999
MA, Developmental Psych., Michigan St., 1994
MS, Aeronautical Science, Embry Riddle, 1991
BS, Behavioral Sciences, USAFA, 1982

Specialty/Research Interests:
Leadership & character devlopment, Social influences on development

Dr. Michelle Butler
Dr. Michelle Butler

Hometown: Ft Lee, NJ

Ph.D. Experimental Psychology, Colorado State
MA, Human Neuropsychology, Northern Colorado

Specialty/Research Interests:
Development of multimedia, Educational support materials for teaching, web-based Learning, multiple sclerosis and memory/cognitive deficits
Capt Ebony Cook
Capt Ebony Cook

Hometown: Orangeburg, SC

MS, Univ of Texas at San Antonio
BS, USAF Academy,

Social Stratification, Change in American Social Structure
Dr. Karin DeAngelis
Dr. Karin De Angelis

Hometown:  Richmond, VA

Education:  Ph.D. University of Maryland
MA, University of Maryland
BA, University of Chicago

Specialty/Research Interests:  Military Sociology; Gender, Work, and Family; Diversity in Organizations; Military Families
Dr. Christopher D’Lauro

Hometown: Lafayette Hill, PA

Education:  Ph.D. Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience, University of Colorado at Boulder,
MA Cognitive Psychology, University of Colorado at Boulder
BS Biology, Dickinson College

Specialty/Research Interests: The neuroscience of face and object recognition, visual cognition, categorization, how visual brain areas interact with other learning systems
Dr. Craig Foster
Dr. Craig Foster

Hometown: Woodinville, WA

Education: Ph.D. University of North Carolina
MA, University of North Carolina

Specialty/Research Interests: Leadership and power; secret romantic relationships
Official Portrait of Monica Herrera

Capt Monica Herrera

Hometown: Orange, CA

Education: MA, Sociology, Rutgers University
BS, Behavioral Sciences, USAFA

Specialty/Research Interests: Culture & Cognition, Organizations, Power

Official Portrait of Maj Hubregtse

Maj Matthew Huibregtse

Hometown: Sheboygan, WI

Education: MS, Psychology, Univ. of Minnesota
BS, Psychology, Northwestern College

Specialty/Research Interests: Leadership, Prediction of career sucess/job performance, Training intervention assessment

Dr. Jeff  Jackson
Dr. Jeff Jackson

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Education: Ph.D. Clinical Psych, Loyola Univ 
MA, Clinical Psychology, Loyola Univ
BA, Psychology, Duke University

Specialty/Research Interests: Leadership, emotional intelligence, help-seeking behavior, and air sickness.
Official Portrait of Lt Cdr Johnson
Lt Cdr Brian Johnson

Hometown: Boise, ID

Education: Ph.D. Human Factors Psych, Texas Tech MS, Human Factors Psych, Kansas State Univ.
BS, Psychology, Boise State University

Specialty/Research Interests: Night Vision, Helmet Mounted Display Design, Aviation Human Factors, Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Supported Cooperative Work
Lt. Col John Jorgenson
Lt Col John Jorgensen

Home Town: Swartz Creek, Michigan             

Education: BS, Psychology
MS, University of Michigan  

Specialty/Research Interests: Clinical Social Worker/Psychotherapist
Dr. Andrew Katayama
Dr. Andrew Katayama

Hometown: Lakewood, CO

Education:  Ph.D. Educational Psychology, Mississippi State University
MEd, Curriculum & Instruction, Freed-Hardeman University

Specialty/Research Interests:  Self-Regulated Learning, Metacognition, Special Needs Education
Official Portrait of Maj Larson
Maj Adam Larson

Hometown: Fargo, ND

Education:  Ph.D. Univ. of Minnesota,
MS, Univ. of Minnesota
BS, USAFA, 2000

Specialty/Research Interests:  Human Factors, Military Information Support Operations, Aviation Psychology, Systems Design
Maj Jason Kiker
Maj Jason Kiker

Hometown: Middletown, OH

MS, Business Administration, Regis Univ

Specialty/Research Interests:
Transformational/ Organizational Leadership, Cadet Development, Faith-based Program Performance
Cockpit Design, Operational Test & Evaluation Aviation
Lt Col Douglas Lindsay
Lt Col Douglas Lindsay

Hometown: Leavenworth, KS

Education:  PhD, I/O Psychology, Penn State Univ
MS, Experimental Psychology, University of Texas at San Antonio
BS, Behavioral Sciences, USAFA

Specialty/Research Interests: Leader & Leadership Development; Leadership Education; Leader-Follower Interactions; Intersection of Leadership and Character
Dr. George Mastroianni
Dr. George Mastroianni

Hometown: New Haven, CT

Education: Ph.D. Experimental Psych, Univ. of New Hampshire
M.A. in International Relations, San Francisco State Univ.
BS, Psychology, Georgetown Univ.

Specialty/ Research Interests: Learning/memory, military ethics and leadership, biopsychology
Official Portrait of Maj McClernon

Maj Chris McClernon

Home Town: Springfield, MO
Education: Ph.D. Naval Postgraduate School
MS, Industrial Engineering, North Carolina State Univ.
BS, Behavioral Sciences, USAFA

Specialty/Research Interests: Stress, Transfer of Training, Flight Testing, Situation Awareness, Human Factors in Aviation

Dr. Dave  McCone
Dr. Dave McCone

Home Town:  Wheat Ridge, Colorado 
Education: Ph.D. University of Oregon
M.S. University of Oregon
B.A. University of Colorado

Specialty/Research Interests: Childhood behavior disorders, Attention Deficit Disorder, parenting, marriage and career issues for Air Force officers, experiences of Ft. Carson soldiers in Iraq
Official Portrait of Capt Medenwaldt

Capt Jay Medenwaldt

Home Town:  Monticello, MN 
Education: MS, Psychological Sciences, UCCS
BS, Behavioral Sciences, USAFA

Specialty/Research Interests: Developmental Psychology, General Psychology

Maj Mark Oliver
Maj Mark Oliver

Hometown: St Albans, W. Virginia

Education: PhD, Social Work, Univ of Tennessee
MS, Social Work, Univ of NC – Chapel Hills
BS, Psychology, Virginia Tech

Specialty/Research Interests: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Gender, Measurement, Neurophysiology
Official Portrait of Capt Pound

Capt Leah Pound

Hometown: Parsons, KS

Education: MA, Social Psych, Univ of Kansas
BS, Behavioral Sciences, USAFA, 2008

Specialty/Research Interests: Social Identity Theory, Masculinity & Disparagement Humor, Military Sociology

Official Portrait of Capt Powell
Capt Katrina Powell

Hometown: Beaufort, SC

Education: MS, Psychology, Arizona State Univ.
MA, English, California State Univ.
BS, Psychology & English, Virginia Military Institute

Specialty/Research Interests: Effects of deployment on military families; Environmental effects on perceptions of body shape, racial identity and self esteem
Official Portrait of Capt Pugh
Capt Ashley Pugh

Hometown: Alvin, TX

Education: MS, Human-Systems Integration, Naval Postgraduate School
BS, Human Factors Psych, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Specialty/Research Interests: Remotely Piloted Aircraft User Interfaces, Human Performance, Shared Situational Awareness
Official Portrait of Lt Col Ramsey
Lt Col Rich Ramsey

Home Town: Formerly Huron, OH
Now claim Colorado Springs, CO

Education: MS, Counseling and Leader Development Long Island University, 2003
BA, Political Science University of Michigan, 1994

Specialty/Research Interests: Leader Development, Resiliency
Dr. Steve Samuels
Dr. Steve Samuels

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Education:  PhD, Social Psychology, Stanford University
BA, Philosophy & Psychology, Brandeis University

Specialty/Research Interests: Self-efficacy, ethics, pedagogy.
Dr. Wilbur Scott
Dr. Wilbur Scott

Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK

Education: PhD, Sociology, Louisiana State Univ MA, Sociology, Univ of Texas, El Paso
BA, Sociology/Psychology, St. John U.

Specialty/Research Interests: Politics of class, race, gender, military sociology, sociology of war, international & comparative sociology, research methods
Official Portrait of Lt Col Sellers
Lt Col Kevin Sellers

Hometown: Harrisburg, PA

Education: Ed.D. Higher Education, Nova Southeastern
MBA, Aviation, Embry Riddle
BS, Psychology, University of Florida

Specialty/Research Interests: Curriulum & Instruction, Instructional Technology, Faculty Development
Lt Col Ronald Tewksberry
Lt Col Ronald Tewksbury  

Education: MA, Leadership and Counseling, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, 2005
MS, Computer Systems Management, University of Maryland, College Park 2003
BS, Behavioral Science, U.S. Air Force Academy, 1992

Research Interests: Transformational Leadership, organizational performance, high performance teams, leadership and personality, predictors of leadership emergence, effects of self-esteem on performance
Official Portrait of Capt Thoreson
Capt Kara Thoreson

Hometown: Littleton, CO

Education: MA Psychology- Behavioral Neuroscience, San Diego State University, 2009
BS Behavioral Sciences, USAFA, 2008

Specialty/Research Interests: Neuroscience, Sleep and Cognition
Mr. Randy Torres
Mr. Randy Torres

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Education: Currently pursuing educational goals in Laboratory Animal Science & Facility Management

Specialty/Research Interests: Learning & behavior, animal behavior, sensation & perception, and spatial disorientation
Official Portrait of Capt Trew
Capt Noel Trew

Hometown: Fort Pierce, FL

Education: MA, Psychology, Florida Atlantic Univ.
BS, Behavioral Sciences, USAFA, 2008

Specialty/Research Interests: Evolutionary Psychology, Social Psychology, Psychology of War/Conflict, Just War Tradition
Capt James Walliser
Capt James Walliser

Hometown: Mundelein, IL

Education: MS Human Systems Integration, Naval Postgraduate School 2011
BS Behavioral Science, USAFA, 2005

Specialty/Research Interests: Human Factors, Trust in Automation, Levels of Automation
Lt Col Daniel Watola
Lt Col Daniel Watola

Hometown: Tacoma, WA

Education: BS, Human Factors Engineering, USAFA
MA, Industrial Psychology, Univ of Colorado
PhD, Organizational Psych, Mich State Univ

Specialty/Research Interests: Intersection of Leadership, Teams, and Training
Capt Sherry Welch

Maj Sherry M. Welch

Hometown: Cumberland, MD

Education: 2005 MA Counseling, San Antonio Webster University
2002 BA Psychology, University of West Florida
2000 AA Elementary Education, Okaloosa-Walton Community College

Specialty/Research Interests: Mental Health

Official Portrait of Capt Wolfe

Capt Andrea Wolfe

Hometown: Lehighton, PA

Education: MS, Psychology, University of Oregon
BS, Psychology, Penn State University

Specialty/Research Interests: Military Influence, Resiliency











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