Department of Astronautics Publications




A Model for Solar Flux and Atmospheric Density Prediction - O'Connor

Astronautical Engineering Education(Book Chapter) - Brown&Dahlke
Attitude Determination and Bias Estimation Using Kalman Filtering - Yadlin.pdf
Determining The Operational Limits Of The Falconsat 5 Satellite Using Thermal And Orbital Analyses - Laabs.pdf
Falcon Launch VII Fin Design - Johnson.pdf
FalconSAT-3 and the Space Environment - Gay.pdf
Finite Element Model Tuning with 3D Mode Shapes from FalconSAT-5 - George
Heating Analysis of Falcon Launch VII - Berger.pdf
Loading and Stress Analysis for Hypersonic Flight Conditions of Falcon Launch VII - Comer.pdf
Modeling Orbital Debris from On-Orbit Events - Phillips.pdf
Space Qualifying WiNRADIO - Lepire.pdf
Validation of the FalconSAT 3 Kalman Filter Attitude Estimate Through the Use of Solar Panel Telemetry - Kirk.pdf



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