Department of Astronautics Publications




2007  The Falconsat Capstone Program At The United States Air Force Academy - Seigenthaler&Lawrence.pdf

A Brief Introduction to Astronautics - Seigenthaler&Saylor.pdf
Benefits of the Star Grain Configuration for a Sounding Rocket - Stein.pdf
Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Research at the United States Air Force Academy - Seigenthaler&Lawrence.pdf
Engineering 100 An Introduction To Engineering Systems At The Us Air Force Academy - George&Brown.pdf
FalconLAUNCH IV Launch & Recovery - France.pdf
FalconSAT-2 Launched (and Recovered) - France.pdf
Null Findings of Yamishita Electrogravitational Patent - Seigenthaler&Lawrence.pdf
Rate and Attitude Determination Using Solar Array Currents - Viscito&Cerise.pdf
Technology and Space Policy - Seigenthaler&Lawrence&Saylor.pdf
The Ethics of Space Weaponization - Kester.pdf
The FalconSAT-2 Research Program - France.pdf
USAF Academy FalconSAT-3 Program - Seigenthaler&Lawrence.pdf



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