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Modeling and Simulation

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The Modeling and Simulation Research Center is designed to provide advanced computational facilities for computer modeling, processing and simulation across all disciplines. 


Computational Resources:SGI Altix Cluster

The Center provides a powerful array of high performance hardware and software resources that are available for Computational Fluid Dynamics, Simulation, Visualization, Modeling, and other software tasks demanding intense dynamic processing power.  All hardware and software resources are installed, configured and maintained by our staff.


Blackbird: For Research Use
Beowulf Linux Parallel Computer -

  • 300 core heterogenous 32-bit and 64-bit beowulf cluster, ~1Gb RAM/core
  • interconnect is gigabit ethernet
  • Common storage of approximately 24Tb

Puma: Silicon Graphics Inc. Altix 4700(™) -

  • 78 cpu symmetric multi-processing system
  • 148Tb storage, 768Gb RAM

Convenient high speed internet access to DOD-managed HPC systems, all of which are in the Top 25 supercomputers worldwide.

Researchers are provided with high end workstations with direct data access to the systems listed above.

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