Department of Aeronautics

Low-Speed Wind Tunnels


Type:Low Speed Tunnel Inlets

Open Return Continuous Operation

Speed Range:
10 - 90fps less Mach 0.1

Test Section Size:
3' x 3'

Drive System:
20 Hp AC motor
54" Diameter Axial Flow Fan
Constant Speed, Variable Pitch-on-the-fly
Operating Conditions:
Flow Quality - Less than 0.05% turbulence intensity at all speeds
Flow Stability - Less than 0.5% variation over 30 minutes

Model Support:Low Speed Test Section
Rigid and Movable Sting Mount
Turntable: Pitch (+/-30°), Yaw (+/-30°)
Three axis flow field survey traverse

Data Acquisition System:
Concurrent 5500
48 Channels at 106 samples/second
0.99 Gbyte Mass Storage
HP3852 Data Acquisition System
PC-based HPIB Interface with Visual Basic Data Acquisition Software
2-axis Laser (LDA) Flowfield Investigation
Flash Photographic Collection of Smoke Flow Visualization


May 1986


U.S. Air Force Academy, USAFA, CO 80840, (719) 333-1110 DSN: 333-1110, 06 Dec 16
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