Department of Aeronautics

Aero-Thermo-Dymanic Cascade

Wind Tunnel


Type:Cascade Wind Tunnel Test Section

Closed Circuit

Speed Range:
30-250 ft/sec +/- 1% over 10 minutes

Test Section Size:
Thermal Test Section: 54" x 18" x 108"
Cascade Test Section: 39" x 26"/105°

Turning angle:

currently configured with a 7 blade cascade
55" wide cascade array and a 105° turning angle

Drive System:
200 HP single speed variable Pitch Blade Fan
1-plane, 3-axis Traverse in

Cascade Test Section:
Temperature Stability
+/- 0.25°C in a range from 15°-39°C
Flow Quality
Flow Periodicity - controlled by adjustable tailboards
Flow Turbulence- 0.5% clean, high turbulence can be generated
Passive and Active Methods
Flow Angularity - less than 1

Data Acquisition System:

HP 3852/Pentium PC

Pressure Systems Model 780B/B


U.S. Air Force Academy, USAFA, CO 80840, (719) 333-1110 DSN: 333-1110, 03 Dec 16
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