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Civilian employment opportunities, when available, are advertised in AIAA Aerospace America or other industry publications. Click here to see current postings: Current Positions.

 When openings exist, the following general guidelines apply:

Requirements for Civilian Personnel:

  • PhD Degree in Aero, Astro, Mech, or a related Engineering field
  • Minimum 2 years’ undergraduate teaching experience 
  • Demonstrated ability to conduct independent research
  • Competitive Civilian Applicants: 
    • Strong background in one or more of the following areas: 
      • Aerodynamics
      • Rocket and/or airbreathing propulsion
      • Thermodynamics
      • Experimental fluid mechanics
      • Computational fluid dynamics
      • Aircraft flight mechanics
      • Aircraft stability and control
      • Experimental and/or theoretical mechanics of aerospace materials & structures 
    • Strong interview: excellent speaking and interpersonal skills, professional bearing
    • Excellent school records (3.5+ GPA)
    • Diversity candidates encouraged to apply

Military assignment opportunities are regularly available for qualified applicants: Click HERE to obtain a copy of the USAF Academy Military Assignment Application Form. 

Requirements for Military Personnel:

  • MS degree in Aero Engineering (or related discipline - EngrMech, Astro, Applied Math, etc.)
  • 4-10 years active duty time
  • Competitive Military Applicants:
    • 6-9 years active duty time
    • Two or more operational assignments (SPO, Lab, ALC, Test, and others...)
    • Strong, promotable record
    • Strong interview: excellent speaking and interpersonal skills, exemplary bearing
    • Excellent school records (3.5+ GPA)
    • Diversity candidates encouraged to apply

Additional factors: commission source, USAF command experience (AFMC, ACC, etc.), aero discipline

Advanced Degree Sponsorships for Military Personnel:

All sponsorees are expected to return to the Academy to teach, and all applicants must compete as regular hires. MS sponsorships are rare because there are many highly qualified applicants who already have an MS degree. PhD sponsorships are usually awarded to those at USAFA who have proven their academic and leadership capabilities and are being developed for senior positions in the Department. "Outside" PhD sponsorships are therefore rare, but there are always exception. Those looking for sponsorship should prepare an application and discuss the possibilities with the DFAN Personnel Officer.


  • Hiring decision for early July arrivals: Nov/Dec
  • Hiring decisions for late December arrivals (not typical): Jun/Jul
  • Advanced degree decisions - Sept/Oct for following summer school start
Application Procedures:

This is the package you will need to submit to the Aeronautics Department at the address below:

  • Prepare the front page of the USAF Academy Assignment Application Form (PDF file)
  • Military Resume (approximately two pages) replaces the back page of "USAF Academy Assignment Application Form" (hyperlink above)
  • Transcripts for all colleges attended (unofficial copies acceptable)
  • Last five OPRs and/or training reports
  • Rated officers (Individual Flight Record, last two year's AF Form 8s, Certificate of Aircrew Qualifications)
  • Any other documents or supplemental information (i.e. letters of recommendation)
  • Arrange an interview
Update your Assignment Preferences via the appropriate AFPC process and denote your desire for a USAFA position in our department (DFAN)

Point of Contact:

DFAN Personnel Officer


2354 Fairchild Drive, Suite 6H101

USAF Academy, CO 80840-6222

DSN 333-4010 or (719) 333-4010

Fax: DSN 333-4013 or (719) 333-4013

U.S. Air Force Academy, USAFA, CO 80840, (719) 333-1110 DSN: 333-1110, 25 Oct 16
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