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The ASP Statesmanship Course serves as a captsone for the whole program. Provided below are the course description that cadet's are provdided in their curiculum handbook and several syllabi from the current and past versions of the course.

The culminating academic experience for cadets in the Academy Scholars Program, this course integrates disciplines such as economics, history, literature, politics and international relations in considering the current and future role of the U.S. in the world, including topics such as leadership, strategy, global context and the use of diplomatic, economic, military, and other instruments of state power in pursuing national goals and objectives. Course texts typically range from classic works such as those of Thucydides and Machiavelli to contemporary texts such as Fourth Star and Team of Rivals. The major graded event is a research paper addressing an aspect of Statesmanship.

Scholars Capstone Syllabus 2006
Scholars Capstone Syllabus 2007
Scholars Capstone Syllabus 2008
Scholars Capstone Syllabus 2011