Cadet Squadron Twenty-Two's Patch Heraldry

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"Tarantulas", 1961

The patch is a triangle with a three-dimensional "22" in the upper part of its red field. A saber with navigator wings on its center and globe on the end of its hilt points toward the center of the field. Eight red, gold, blue and silver rays emanate from the center of the patch.

The emblem's triangle shape compares the squadron's strength and solidarity to one of the sturdiest geometrical shapes--the triangle. The dominate red color symbolizes courage. The saber, with the navigator's badge and globe, represents strength and readiness. The colored light rays, converging to a point on the horizon, signify unity among the four classes of the cadet wing.

This is the squadron's original patch.

Information gathered for the page from "Squadron Insignia of the United States Air Force Academy" by P. Michael Sheridan, Library of Congress Catalog Number: 90-62369