Cadet Squadron Twenty-One's Patch Heraldry

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"Black Jack", 1961

The circular patch shows two playing cards, the ace of spades on top of the jack of spades, centered on a green field. The white numerals "21" sit beneath the cards. The patch has a black boarder.

The ace and jack of spades form the winning combination of twenty-one in the card game, Black Jack, thus they note both the squadron's number and nickname. This winning hand symbolizes the ingredients of character necessary to attain success: skill, spirit, ability, and fellowship. The green background represents the combined colors of gold and blue, the colors of the two classes that were involved in the patch's design. This mixture provides the incentive for cooperation between classes.

Grant D. Callin, class of 1963, was the principal designer of the emblem.

Information gathered for the page from "Squadron Insignia of the United States Air Force Academy" by P. Michael Sheridan, Library of Congress Catalog Number: 90-62369