Cadet Squadron Twenty's Patch Heraldry

"Trolls" 1960

CS-20 Patch

The patch is a royal blue circle bordered in black. An aggressive, strong troll stands in the middle. The green troll wears black trousers highlighted in violet. He is striding forward, stepping over the bright red three-dimensional Roman numeral "XX." "TROLLS" is inscribed behind the troll.

In Scandinavian folklore trolls were supernatural giants who lived in the mountains. The 20th Squadron’s troll, a robust character, symbolizes the aggressiveness and confidence of the squadron. It also symbolizes the desire to succeed while simultaneously maintaining a good attitude and sense of humor. The three- dimensional nature of the Roman numeral and the word "TROLLS" signify enduring spirit. The areas of the patch surrounding the troll contains the four class colors.

This patch (Twentieth Squadron's second) was adopted in 1972.

Information gathered for the page from "Squadron Insignia of the United States Air Force Academy" by P. Michael Sheridan, Library of Congress Catalog Number: 90-62369