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Employment Opportunities

The USAFA Preparatory School hires personnel through several different avenues including military direct hire and civilian hire.

Contact for additional information:

Attn: Vice Commander
5220 Cedar Dr
USAF Academy, CO 80840

Phone: (719)333-2583; DNS: 333-2583 or email

Military Direct Hire:
Although the hiring process is conducted on a continuous basis, applications should be submitted approximately 18 months in advance of a potential PCS. If you are a military officer interested in teaching at the Prep School, use the following procedures:

1. Submit an application package which includes:

2. Complete a personal interview with the department consisting of meeting with the senior staff and presenting a 15-minute talk in front of the department on some topic related to your current job or potential teaching specialty.

Opportunities for Advanced Degrees for Military Direct Hire:

The Prep School is often offered slots to send staff members to school to receive master's degrees. If you are interested in getting the degree en route, please contact the Vice Commander.

Civilian Hire:

The Prep School hires civilian teaching faculty as positions become available. All available positions are advertised on

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