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Noon Meal Formation  


I am an American Airman.
I am a warrior.
I have answered my nation's call.
I am an American Airman.
My mission is to fly, fight, and win.
I am faithful to a proud heritage,
A tradition of honor,
And a legacy of valor.
I am an American Airman,
Guardian of freedom and justice,
My nation's sword and shield,
Its sentry and avenger.
I defend my country with my life.
I am an American Airman:
Wingman, leader, warrior.
I will never leave an Airman behind,
I will never falter,
And I will not fail.
Since the US Air Force Academy welcomed its first class, active duty enlisted personnel have been an integral part of instructing cadets. A new corps of enlisted men and women, known as Military Training Leaders, first appeared in 1996 and have evolved into what are now know as Academy Military Training (AMT) NCOs. The duties and responsibilities of AMTs are as crucial to the development of officer candidates as any other aspect encountered during a cadet’s career.
Academic Year Cadet Squadrons  
Summer Programs
      Throughout an academic year, the AMT supports the Air Officer Commanding (AOC) and a cadet squadron of approximately 110 cadets. They provide day-to-day guidance and mentorship to cadets in all stages of their cadet career; mentoring 4th Class cadets as newly transformed civilians to 1st Class cadets with the duties and responsibilities of being cadet officers leading a squadron and preparing to become commissioned 2nd Lieutenants.

      Oversight is provided to a cadet squadron commander and his/her staff to ensure the effective administration of the squadron. The cadets fulfill all the duties and responsibilities of positions held in an active duty squadron from Operations Officer or Section Commander to Element Leader and First Sergeant.

      The AMT oversees the cadets as they carry out their duties; whether it be completing a tasker or disciplining subordinate cadets. The AMT provides feedback and mentorship on how they perform their roles and coaches them on how they might handle situations to achieve the best results possible.

      Additionally, AMTs provide weekly instruction through Cadet Professional Military Education classes. In these classes, the cadets receive valuable instruction on the profession of arms as it relates to being effective commissioned officers and leaders of Airman. This instruction continues well beyond the classroom as they mentor the cadet leaders in motivating their squadrons to accomplish the mission and take care of their troops.

      As the cadets progress in rank from cadet junior NCOs to cadet officers, the AMT is there to ensure that every cadet that is commissioned is fully prepared to be a true leader of character in the US Air Force.
      When school lets out for the summer, 9 weeks of specialized training begins for the cadet wing. The cadets do everything from learning the concepts of operating in an Air Expeditionary Force in the Global Engagement program to supervising youth programs during the Academy's Sports Camps.

      Furthermore, one of the greatest leadership opportunities the cadets have is to conduct Basic Cadet Training for newly appointed freshman. None of this is possible without the expertise and guidance of the USAFA AMTs. During a summer preparation period, AMTs provide all the necessary instruction to the cadet cadre to ensure they are trained and certified to instruct their fellow cadets.

      Once the AMTs have prepared their cadre, they stay with the cadets to provide appropriate oversight and ensure an effective training program that provides top notch instruction in a safe and healthy environment.

Basic Cadet Training Formation

      The AMT corp is a challenging and rewarding experience like no other in the Air Force. As Noncommissioned Officers, they have a unique opportunity to train and develop future leaders of the world's greatest air and space force.

      AMTs receive in-depth training and certification as professional instructors, from the classroom to the drill pad, by attending the Academy Military Training NCO Course. Additionally, they learn everything from the Cadet Honor Code to carrying out disciplinary actions via the Article 15 process. This course is conducted at the US Air Force Academy by certified, veteran AMT instructors shortly after arriving for duty.

      The training and certifications are challenging, but with the future of tomorrow's Air Force at stake it has to be. Throughout the 4-yr experience at USAFA, an AMT will be involved in every aspect of a cadet’s life. An AMT might provide counseling to a cadet who has poor academic or military performance grades. AMTs are also required to counsel and assist cadets who fail to meet fitness standards or standards of conduct and behavior. AMTs are there to provide support when a cadet has problems adjusting to military life and they are there, offering handshakes and well wishes, when cadets reach personal and professional milestones or successes. They attend intramural and NCAA level sporting events in which their cadets participate, they attend meals, balls and dances with their cadets, and when their cadets are in training...AMTs are there. In other words, where the cadets are, you’ll find an AMT.

For More Information  
:  Technical Sergeants and Master Sergeants that believe they are up to the challenge can apply for this special duty.  Qualifications Required: All qualifications listed in item 32 of the SPECAT guide.  Must be self-motivated/self-directed with high standards of military appearance and behavior. Must possess strong interpersonal skills and be capable of speaking to large groups and audiences.  Professional communications (both oral and written) are required.  Application: In addition to clicking the volunteer button below, members must submit a completed formal application IAW the SPECAT Assignment Guide, Item 32.  CONUS applicants must meet TOS requirements to PCS. OCONUS applicants must be in their returnee window to PCS. THIS IS A 4-YEAR CONTROLLED TOUR, For More Information Section/AFPC Airman Assignments link is
If you have any questions or desire additional information, please contact the Academy Military Training NCO Functional Manager
at (719) 333-3485 or DSN 333-3485. You can also submit questions via e-mail to

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