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The theme of the 19th Annual National Character and Leadership Symposium was "Walk the Walk: Leaders in Ethical Action". The event was phenomenal. The United States Air Force Academy hosted 200 visiting students and their faculty advisors from across the nation as well as a delegation from Canada and Japan. The renowned speakers came from many different walks of life.

NCLS Kudos   

“A week has passed since I have returned from the NCLS conference which still remains the main topic of conversation among family and friends.  I was honored to have the opportunity to speak on Freedom’s Wings International and thank you again for extending me the invitation to participate.”
- Richard Fucci,
Vice President and Program Director, Freedom's Wings International

"Words fail to express our gratitude for a truly life-altering experience at the Academy two weeks ago.  I missed the USAFA when we left, and this has never happened with any such Project Compassion experience.  I begin to realize that I will carry it with me always – a great source of strength, mission, and love for you service members up close and personal - Dick and I in particular will be forever empowered by our time there.”
- Marie Woolf,
Chairman, CEO and Executive Director, Project Compassion

"I always bring home a notebook and head full of ideas and new inspirations for my own presentations on core values and ethics for professionals, parents, and my Civil Air Patrol cadets. Thanks again for all of the hard work that pays off so well."
-Maj Randy C. Mc Clure, CAP
Commander, Group 7

"First, I had a wonderful time and met new and interesting people as well as old friends. There were so many interesting and informative presentations. I just wish I could have made them all. Each NCLS has a different theme and as such keeps us interested in the presentations. The flow of events appeared seamless for us who were attending the symposium. I'm sure there were many challenges but we attendees never saw them. Great job! This conference helps develop college age students to become leaders of character, but is a learning experience and inspirational for all ages. Thanks for making it a great event for me and so many others. "
- William H Hendrix, PhD,
Professor Emeritus of Management, Clemson University

"This year, I walked away with a different perspective. I walked away with several tools on how I could come back to my detachment and help my cadets become service minded. The briefings were great and I felt challenged to help my community. Thanks again for you and your department's hard work!”
- Capt Michael E. Owens,USAF
Instructor, Air Force ROTC, Detachment 645

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