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Welcome to the Falcon Heritage Forum
The Falcon Heritage Forum (FHF) is a semi-annual, thematic event, held in the fall and spring designed to link cadets with the wealth of experience and military heritage embodied in our nation's distinguished veterans. Each 3-day event provides cadets a systematic way to engage in discussions with more than 20 veterans who have or are in the process of living out our core values in service to their country. FHF includes cadet squadron-hosted dinners and interactive mentoring exercises where each veteran has the opportunity to share experiential learning in a more informal setting.

Some previous themes include: "Class of 1980: Architects of Transformation," "Heroes of World War II," "Company Grade Officers in Current Operations," "Heroes of Desert Shield/Desert Storm," "Heroes of Humanitarian Operations," "Space: The Ultimate High Ground," "Class of 1959: Fifty Years of Excellence," "Portraits in Courage: Airmen in the Fight" and "Officers of Character: Lieutenants in Action."

During the 10 year anniversary of 9/11, we brought in responders from the Pentagon and the World Trade Center with the following theme: "Footprints of 9/11: How it Changed the World, Our Nation, and Our Lives."  The theme from our past event held in September 2012 was “Faces of Courage:  Company Grade Officers in Action.”  This year, our theme is “Hometown Warriors:  Foundations of Character.”  This year, all of our speakers are from within the local community as well as the bases within the vicinity of Colorado Springs.  It was an opportunity for us to recognize our local heroes and warriors for their contribution to service.

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