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JCLI 2015
Vol 3 Issue 1
JCLI-Journal of Character and Leadership Integration

    The Purpose of the Journal of Character & Leadership Integration (JCLI) is to advance the integrative study and development of character and leadership. There has never been a more critical time to increase understanding of how moral and ethical dimensions interact with the complexities of leadership—not only in the military context, but across many fields of human endeavor. The Journal is premised on grounding this important conversation in theory and empirical examination, while at the same time, acknowledging that insights are often most valuable in practice. Thus, JCLI offers a unique blend of voices from across multiple disciplines, complementing peer-reviewed scholarly work with senior leader perspectives and interviews from a diverse set of domains (e.g., military, industry, academic, non-profit, and others).

If you are interested in writing for the Journal, you will find further information here; or contact the JCLI editorial staff at JCLI@USAFA.edu

To order a paper copy of an archived edition of the JCLI, email your request to: JCLI@USAFA.edu.

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