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I remember being assaulted by a very close family member at the age of 7. I thought that this was normal behavior and I began my sexual experimentation very casually, although I never went “all the way.” The sexual behavior was something that I learned early on and I thought that being sexually active within certain

boundaries was okay. By the time I reached my late teens I was very confused. Being sexually assaulted as a child robs you of your childhood and turns you into someone else, not the person that you were originally supposed to be. I am now on my healing journey. I know that none of this was my fault. I have a strong

faith and sense of family and those things helped me to keep my sanity when I was struggling through some of the darkest hours of my life. I think that it is always good to tell someone that you trust who can help and that you get counseling because if we don’t, we can become as sick as the dark secrets that we keep.

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