Here is what Senior Leadership has to say
as they take a stance to end sexual assualt

Lt. Gen. Michelle D. Johnson"Sexual assault is a crime and is categorically unacceptable. It is incompatible with our core values and it is harmful to our people – there is a human cost when someone crosses those boundaries and it makes us less effective in our core mission, producing lieutenants for our Air Force and for our Nation. We cannot succeed in developing leaders of character if the scourge of sexual assault creeps into our ranks, so we must all work together to be the first line of defense in this at the Air Force's Academy."

Lt. Gen. Michelle D. Johnson
Superintendent, USAFA
Col. Evan Miller"Sexual assault has no place at the Air Force's Academy. Ours is a culture of respect and dignity and sexual assault is absolutely contrary to our core values. It will take the entire team, but we will continue to work together to exterminate the plague of sexual assault from our ranks."

Col. Evan Miller
Vice Superintendent, USAFA
CMSgt. Stephen Ludwig"Each of us must help eliminate sexual assault. We are part of a family that deserves support and respect. All Airmen, civilian, officer and enlisted, must work every day to develop a climate that does not stand for or ignore sexist behavior, sexual harassment or sexual assault. We are the Air Force's Academy and remain strong because of our core values and a culture built on service, sacrifice, loyalty and always doing what is right. Acts of sexual assault are not right, and we all have a duty to ensure we build a strong Air Force community."

CMSgt. Stephen Ludwig
Command Chief, USAFA
Col. Stacey T. Hawkins"Every Airman - which includes all of our 10th Air Base Wing Airmen, civilian Airmen and Contractors - deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. We are all responsible for establishing a culture and a climate where that is the expectation. We are also charged to be good Wingmen and being a good Wingman includes watching out for each other but, more importantly, includes stopping sexual assault within our community of Airmen."

Col. Stacey T. Hawkins
10 ABW Commander, USAFA

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If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, immediately call the SARC:

719-333-SARC (7272)

(available 24/7/365) and follow the below guidelines for preserving evidence.

  1. Do not bathe, shower or douche.
  2. Do not change your clothes.
  3. Do not brush your teeth or use mouthwash.
  4. Do not use the bathroom, but if you must, save your voided urine for testing at the hospital.
  5. Do not eat, drink or apply/take any type of medication.
  6. Do not disturb or clean up the crime scene.

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